Owaisi seeks regularisation of people’s homes in Uttarkhand’s Haldwani

Asaduddin Owaisi

By Muslim Mirror Network

Asaduddin Owaisi on Thursday said the Uttarakhand government and the Centre must regularise the settlement of people at Haldwani in the hill state where the high court had ordered for the removal of encroachments from 29 acres of land claimed by the railways.


Responding to the Supreme Court staying the high court order for removal of encroachments, he said the apex court has taken a humane view on the issue.

The only “workable arrangement” is regularisation, he said.

“The only “workable arrangement” is regularisation. Both BJP & INC must accept their hypocrisy. They’ve routinely regularised “illegal” settlements in Delhi. Modi government has regularised settlements twice, but according to BJP, Muslims only deserve bulldozers,” Owaisi said in a series of tweets.

“Why did Congress not resolve this issue when it was in power in Uttarakhand & in Central govt? Now BJP Union & state govts must regularise peoples’ homes in Haldwani and give them relief,” the Hyderabad MP said.

The Supreme Court today stayed the Uttarakhand High Court order for removal of encroachments from 29 acres of land claimed by the railways in Haldwani, calling it a “human issue” and saying 50,000 people cannot be uprooted overnight.arisation of people’s homes in Uttarkhand’s Haldwani.

Asaduddin Owaisi said also the Supreme Court has asked regular and irregular homes to be distinguished and favoured the government making a “workable arrangement” and ensuring rehabilitation while respecting railways.( with PTI inputs)


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