Pakistani youngster breaks 800 years old record of Cambridge University

Haris Manzoor
Haris Manzur

By Muslim Mirror News,

Pakistani prodigy, Master Haris Manzur, has broken 800 old record of Cambridge University, U.K.


The youngster from Rawalpindi passed the O Levels (Physics, Chemistry, Biology) in first attempt at a tender age of nine years.

This achievement is first of its kind in the entire history of the prestigious Cambridge University.    

In a telephonic interview, Master Haris explained he studies eight hours daily, eats well and sleep well.

His hobbies are playing cricket, reading books about Pakistan, and watching National Geographic. He wants to become a Medical Doctor and aspires to serve the humanity at large.

Master Haris has won laurels for his country and proven there is no dearth of talent in Pakistan.  



  1. Really? My son passed O level Chemistry at 7 years and 1 month old, 7 years ago. He is in the Singapore Book of Records for having done so. My son’s name is Ainan Celeste Cawley…I suggest you do some Googling. At eight years old he co-authored two scientific papers and set a world age record for memorizing Pi. He also became the youngest person ever to make a scientific discovery. Also at 8 years old, he was admitted to the third year of a Chemistry course at a Polytechnic in Singapore. He has since studied on an American Degree Programme encompassing Physics, Maths, Chemistry, Computer Programming, English, Theatre, History, and so on, in Malaysia. He also has qualifications in Biology and Economics and a training in Computer Animation. He is a self-taught pianist and the youngest film score composer in the world (aged 12). He has also released a music composition on a Charity album for Typhoon Haiyan, at 13 and premiered his first film as writer/director and editor, at 13. Your story concerns a precocious kid, yes and this is good…but he is not a “record holder”, in reality…nowhere near. Sincerely, Valentine Cawley

    • Is it true Ainan doing drugs? Did he even finished his degree program? Why you and syahidah got divorced? What will ainan do after national service? We would love to hear update about ainan and your family. 😄


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