Palestinians to outnumber Jews by 2020



By MM news,

New Delhi : As per the census released by the Palestinian Central Bureau last week Palestinians will outnumber Israeli Jews in Palestine by 2020.

The startling figures were released as the year 2015 came to an end. It estimated that by the close of 2015, the total number of Palestinian people in “historic Palestine” which denotes East Jerusalam,the Gaza Strip, the occupied West Bank and Israel was around 6.22 milion,in comparison to 6.32 million Jews. The survey by Census Bureau included not only historic Palestine but Palestinian Diaspora also.

As per the Census, the number of Palestinians and Jews in historic Palestine is expected to be equal by the end of 2017.It also says that by 2020 the total number of Palestinians will be 7.13 million while Jews will be 6.96 million. Out of 12.37 million strong Palestinian populations around the globe, around half of them live outside Palestine.

It is estimated that majority of Palestinians living outside are the descendents of approximately 750,000 Palestinians expelled when the state of Israel was created in 1948 many of whom are still living in refugee camps in many Arab countries.

It may be recalled here that Palestinian Authorities have often complained that recognising the concept of Israel as a Jewish State threatens the rights of nearly 1.5 million Palestinian citizens living inside Israel.

A last month poll conducted last month suggested that 65 percent of Palestinian people believed that two state solution was not feasible due to Israeli settlement plan.

Meanwhile, Israeli policy in the occupied Palestinian territory has made an independent Palestinian state nearly impossible.


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