Paramhans threatens ‘jal samadhi’ over Hindu Rashtra

J P Acharya Maharaj

Ayodhya: Ayodhya seer, Jagadguru Paramhans Acharya Maharaj, has announced that if India is not declared a Hindu Rashtra (Hindu nation) by October 2, he will take ‘Jal Samadhi in the Saryu river.

‘Jal Samadhi’ is when one ends his life by immersing himself in water.


The seer has also asked the central government to terminate the nationality of Muslims and Christians. This is not the first time that Paramhans has issued such threats.

Earlier, he undertook a 15-day long fast into death over the Hindu Rashtra issue, and he broke his fast after he got the assurance from union home minister Amit Shah.

Earlier, the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) chief Mohan Bhagwat has asserted repetitively about the Hindu Rashtra. He also said that Hindutva is a word that expresses our identity along with the continuity of spirituality-based traditions and an entire wealth of value system in the land of Bharat.

Therefore, this word is applicable to all the 1.3 billion people, Bhagwat had said in his Vijay Dashmi speech in 2020.-IANS


  1. India is no longer a nation of intellectuals and secular-minded people. It has been overtaken by hate-spewing, bigoted leaders who are leading this once great nation back to the Stone Ages.


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