Patna High Court Judge gets furious over bulldozer justice, says ‘close down the courts’

Justice Sandeep Kumar

By Muslim Mirror Staff

Justice Sandeep Kumar, on hearing a petition from a man whose house was bulldozed by the police in Agam Kuan, got furious on the land mafia and the police in the state.


Justice Kumar, in a counter afadivait to the police said that all the officials are working hand in glove with the land mafia. “ They illegally  bulldozerld the house of the petitioner without following the due procedure of law,” he said adding, “if police has the right to demolish houses then the civil courts should be closed down.”

He also said that police have registered a false case against the petitioner and his family on the behest of the land mafia in the state. “The police is restrained from arresting the petitioner and his family,” he said.

Justice Kumar added that he will make sure that a compensation of rupees 5 lakh will be given to the people whose houses were illegally demolished from the pockets of those who are involved in this crime.

He also said that police have become agents of the land mafia is Patna.

“This business will only stop when a police officer will be sent to the jail,” he said.



  1. India needs more justices like Sandeep Kumar to uphold real justice to eliminate wide spread corruption . Only then India will prosper as real democracy for peace , equality and harmony.

  2. The country appears fast moving towards becoming a “banana republic”. . Only the judiciary is there to resist todays actions of atrocities shattering down constitution and unity. With a totally submissive bureacratic set up it is might is right in action allover the country. The political leadership in opposition ranks too scared to raise its voice for fear of CBI, ED and I.T. raids. True, that concerned Judges send some criminally acting in this way, the men in uniform and even the DMs of some spots to serve as deterrent. Lets us all collectively work to save the constitution and country…

  3. Hats up to Mr Justice Sandeep.
    Rightly commented that police are working glow in hand with land mafia.
    Same position is running in A p state also as per Telugu News Papers.
    Murali KrishnaPamula

  4. HINDUTVA TERRORISTS are like #tunnitermites eating the honor of India from the inside. The law lords & the army are among the last pillars of CONSTITUTION based India. #knightsoftheoldindianrepublic


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