Patna : Peace Foundation organised conference on ‘Islam and Peace’

Dr. M.A. Ibrahimi, I.A.S. (Ret'd) addressing

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Patna: A conference on Islam and Peace organized by , took place at Seminar Hall, Bihar Urdu Bhawan on 23rd October 2016.


Speaking at the event senior journalist and Vice President of Peace foundation Anwarul Hoda said, “The Islamic scholars and the intellectuals present at the conference expressed serious concern over the upsurge of terrorist activities in different parts of world and linking these with Islam. Identifying Islam with violence and terrorism is highly unfair.

Dr. M.A. Ibrahimi, I.A.S. (Ret'd) addressing
Dr. M.A. Ibrahimi, I.A.S. (Ret’d) addressing

Islam’s teachings are very explicit and clear.  One of the meanings of Islam itself is peace.  Islam regards the killing of a single innocent as a killing of the whole humankind, the Holy Quran says.  Islam insists on the need to respect treaties and agreements with others. Islam has advised mercy for all. The Prophet (May Peace be Upon Him) said that God is merciful to those who show mercy to others. Islam also regards all creatures as members of God’s family. It announces the equality of all human beings.  Islam calls for peace and justice and mercy. Under no conditions does it legitimize strife.

The conference strongly condemns terrorism of all kind. Calling these activities as religious is tantamount to sanctifying them and thus leaving no space for the correct teachings of different religions.”

In his inspiring presidential address Dr. M.A. Ibrahimi, I.A.S. (Ret’d), former Chief Secretary, Government of Bihar said that Islam aims at spiritual progress, intellectual development, character building, social reform, educational activities etc.  He called upon the people to lead a peaceful and purposeful life.  He emphasized on social work for the development of the society and for the nation.  ‘A good human being will obey law of the land, uphold moral values and follow true teaching of religion’, he stressed.

Also present at the event was eminent Islamic scholar Maulana Syed Shah Mashhood Ahmed Qadri Nadvi. In his speech he said that “Islam does not just promote peace, Islam itself means peace”. “Generally on conquering any territory the rulers ransack and loot enemy state.  But Prophet Muhammad (may be peace upon him) exercised extreme restrain, ignored the crimes of Quraysh; who had compelled him to migrate to Madina in a hostile situation.  He proclaimed a general amnesty to all” he added.

Maulana Rizwan Islahi of Jamaat e Islami Hind said that one of Allah’s attribute is As-Salam, which means peace. Moreover the holy Qur’an states that the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was sent to the world as a mercy of mankind. We all are equal and descendants of Prophet Adam.

Hafiz Shanuddin emphasized that the correct and patient presentation of truth conquers the hearts of opponents. He stressed that there are various misunderstanding about Islam and Muslims which can be cleared only through good character and a regular interaction with the people.

Naushad Ansari, President, Peace Foundation said that the word ‘Islam’ has come from the root world ‘silm’, which itself means peace. So the spirit of Islam is the spirit of peace.  Any deviation from this is a deviation from Islam’.

The program was coordinated by Abdullah Kaifi, Joint Secretary of Peace foundation. Dr. Zakir Hussain delivered the vote of thanks.


  1. We live in west. Over 10 Islamic channels run in west in full swing with Alim & ulamas But There is emptiness where Zakir Nayak’s Question & answersn sdessions are absent.
    Zakir Nayak is a piece of jewel in all Islamic conference without him, an emptiness encircle the meeting points.


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