Patna: Police arrests two persons linked to PFI for allegedly ‘Breaking India’

Mohammad Jallauddin and Athar Parvez

By Special Correspondent

Patna (Bihar): Bihar Police on Monday  arrested two persons from the Phulwari Sharif area of Patna for allegedly  involved  in conspiracy to ‘break India.


According Manish Kumar, ASP, Phulwari Sharif in Patna, retired police officer of Jharkhand Mohammad Jallauddin and a former member of Students’ Islamic Movement of India (SIMI) who is also a current member of PFI and Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI), Athar Parvez have been arrested.

Manish Kumar said an excerpt from an eight-page-long document the accused shared titled ‘India vision 2047’ talks about “subjugating coward majority community and bringing back the glory”.

Two indulging in anti-India activities were arrested. For the past two months, the accused had people from other states coming in. Those coming were changing their names while booking tickets and while staying in hotels,” he said.

The police official said that Parvez also raised funds in lakhs. He said locals were taught to use swords and knives in the name of martial arts and the accused instigated others toward religious violence.

“On July 6-7, in name of martial arts, locals were taught to use swords and knives. They instigated others toward religious violence. We have CCTV footage as well as witness accounts. Parvez also raised funds in lakhs, ED is being involved for the same,” said Kumar.

“In the last few years PFI has developed friendly relations with Turkey, a flag-bearer of Islam,” the police official quoted from the document.

He said their internal document is very objectionable and talks of “rule of Islam in India”.

Kumar said an excerpt from an eight-page long document they shared amongst themselves titled ‘India vision 2047’ says, “PFI confident that even if 10 per cent of total Muslim population rally behind it, PFI would subjugate coward majority community and bring back the glory,” he added.

SIMI  was banned  in 2001 aftermath 9/11 by the then  BJP government at Center. However its really shocking that Mohammad Jallauddin a former member of Students’ Islamic Movement of India (SIMI) as claimed by police  has been working in Police department till his retirement in 2020.

All these allegations are devoid of any substance. The police have tried to create an imaginary story of a terror plot by implanting fake documents,” the PFI said in a statement.

“The eight-page document, that cops claimed to have found on the arrested persons, is purely fabricated. Popular Front has not ever published or distributed anything like that. This document first surfaced in the public domain when the UP Police included it in a charge sheet in a case from Basti, UP,” the PFI said in a statement.

The statement asserted that the PFI is a lawfully and democratically working organisation. Its activities have been transparent and growing in popularity rapidly.

Jalaluddin was released at 10 pm on Monday  after  Modi’s  departure from Patna. However, he was called again yesterday at 7pm and rearrested, said Qaiser Parvez , younger brother of Athar.

In fact, Jalaluddind has rented his two rooms to PFI which was being used as party  offfice , at Phulwari Sharif , but he is being made a scapegoat just to cook up the story, he added.


However a vision  document  titled ‘India vision 2047’  was released  in May 2022 by nonother than former minority minister K Rahman Khan Khan in presence of many dignitaries in Bangalore is available in market, he added. 


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