Peace caravan from Ayodhya to Ajmer via Godhra


By Muslim Mirror News,

BabriNew Delhi, April 21: Khudai Khidmatgar along with some other civil groups will take out a caravan from Ayodhya to Ajmer via Godhra to spread the message of humanity and love. The activists on will use the same Sabarmati Express train to travel from Ayodhya to Godhra, which 12 years ago was used by communal forces to divide society in Gujarat.

The Karwan-e Paigam-e Insaniyat- O- Mohabbat will start from Ayodhya on 11th May (the day when Indian communities jointly fought its first battle of independence in 1857) and will culminate in Ajmer on 17th May (Urs Khuaja Moinuddin).

During the seven-day long yatra, the activists of Khudai Khidmatgar, National Alliance for People’s Movement, Sadhbhav Mission and Asha Parivar will hold public meetings, press meets, distribute pamphlets and other literature related to humanity, peace and Hindu Muslim unity.

Ayodhya’s head priest Satyendar Das would be sending a chador to Ajmer for Khwaja Moinuddin Chishty.


Those interested to join the caravan can contact organizers on the following numbers:

Contact: 09968828230, 09313106745


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