People of all religions, castes safe in India: Rajnath


Chandigarh : Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh on Tuesday allayed fears that people from any religion, minority or caste had anything to fear in the country.

“I believe it does not matter whether a person is from any religion, sect, caste or follows any religious belief, all are safe in India and will remain safe,” he told the media during a one-day visit to Chandigarh.

This was in context of apprehensions expressed in certain quarters that people from certain religions and castes, which are a minority, were feeling unsafe due to the growing domination of the majority Hindus.

“I appeal to everyone that people should get out of the mindset of thinking on lines of caste, religion, being a minority or majority. They should just think that they are (all) Indians.

“As Home Minister, I can assure you that any person from any caste, religion, panth (sect) is safe in this country,” he said.

The Home Minister also warned Pakistan not to misconstrue India’s position on friendly relations with neighbouring countries.

“Our decency (shaleenta) should not be misconstrued. India is not a weak country. India is a strong nation.

“Pakistan is our neighbouring country and it should promote friendly relations with us. India has always taken the initiative to maintain friendly relations.

“Only three-four days back, the Pakistan Rangers came. Our DG BSF was there and there was a flag meeting. They assured that there will be no ceasefire violation but ceasefire violation is happening again from the Pakistan side,” Rajnath Singh said.

He said that fencing work was going on (along borders) all over the country.



  1. “As Home Minister, I can assure you that any person from any caste, religion, panth (sect) is safe in this country,” he said.we are not agree with your statement. It should be like this “As Home Minister, I can assure you that any male person from any caste, religion, panth (sect) isn’t safe in this country due to #fakecases like #498a #DV #377 etc,” he said.

  2. Home Minister is living in a coccoon blinded from reality. He has not heard of scores of peaceful patriotic Muslim Indians like Junaid, Pehlu Khan, Najeeb and hundreds of others killed only for the religion they professed.
    Lipservice is a national pastime nowadays. No need to practice what we say.


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