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Persecution of Indian Muslims must stop, says British MP Steve Baker

By Muslim Mirror Web

New Delhi: The anger against prosecution of Indian Muslims by the BJP led government is growing fast all around the world. Whether it’s  the suppression of basic rights of Kashmiris, the enactment discriminatory  law -CAA (Citizenship Amendment Act ) , use of brutal force against Muslims during  Delhi pogrom or arbitrary arrests of Jamia Millia students  , the world community has  started taking notice and is telling the rightwing ruling dispensation   in a very clear term to ‘stop  prosecution of Muslims in India  immediately .

The United Nations Human Rights Office, European Union lawmakers, OIC, U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF)etc.  have   categorically condemned the BJP led governments discriminatory policies against Muslims in recent past.

Joining the chorus the British Parliamentarian Steve Baker has come down heavily on BJP government for its anti-Muslims polices and called for its immediate stop prosecution of Muslims in India.

Addressing an online conference of British parliamentarians for the first time in Britain’s History on the current situation and gross human rights violations amidst COVID-19 in Indian Kashmir the British parliamentarian Steve Baker said ‘There is ample evidence of the persecution of Muslims in India. It is outrageous and it should be called out as outrageous by governments around the world. So this is not to attack or criticize the people of India it’s to say that this government of India is pursuing a policy of religious nationalism and evidently persecuting Muslims and that must stop, it must be called out and I think I’m calling it out and appealing to the UN to uphold the rights for which it was established”.

Sharing the video of Steve Baker on twitter the renowned Kuwaiti lawyer,  rights activist and director of International Human Rights Mejbal Al Sharika  has warned Indian government  and wrote ‘The civilised world is running out of patience at the discrepancies of the ruling Hindutva regime. This is serious.

Sharika has opened a front against the Modi government and has even volunteered to adopt the cause of Indian Muslims before the United Nations Human Rights Council.

22 thoughts on “Persecution of Indian Muslims must stop, says British MP Steve Baker

  1. look at how muslims are treated in uk, europe, mynmaar, china.

    it would be good if uk, pak offered a home to muslims-

    hindus, muslims are separate communities-will never get on- waste of time.

    pak should offer them a home-muslim brotherhood

    1. you are right but it is impossible for pak to accomodate a population of its own size. therefore only possible option is to carve a seperate country for muslims out of india.

      1. congress, tmc etc will oppose. they need muslim votes .

        muslims should work for it.

        hindu states uttarkhand, himachal, goa, northe eastern states, karnataka , up should work for this. , however its gonna be difficult.

        1. I think you should change your state of mind from religious to humanity. All religions teach the humanity and unity. Hindus alone don’t fight for the independence of India. Majority of the Muslims fought for the independence of India.

          Don’t go behind some selfish leader speech. Read your Vedas first, and follow what it says …

          1. muslims did not fight for india,s independence- they fought for pakistan.

            reading comments from muslim students they espouse islamic causes its clear they hate hindu india.a large number of muslim students plan attacks on india.toothless granmothers with 5 year ols chant kaffairon sai azadi.
            comments from muslims show they celebrate when things go wrong.

            they abuse modi, depsite all economic benefits they have reieved.from his govt. namak harams.

            its my view that islamised muslims are traitors- the ordinary muslims are better.

      1. reason-muslims are creating problems allthe time.

        no country can survive with more than 5 percent muslims.

        muslims deported all hindu
        who were born in pakistan-it was also their birth right country. europe is angry there more then 5 percent

        best is hindus give more land to muslims and form a hindu state in rest.

        can you complain about this.

  2. sir,u have given them right to rape ur girls.we will not do just worry about your own country, we dont need your advice

    1. stupid bitch- indian army, police take care of you,

      daily muslims r put into prison cells- u cant do anything- wear your burqa and piss piss off.

  3. Hindus are acting like crazy animals; beating, raping and killing muslims in India.. And yet, stupid to the core,they worship cows that every body else eats..what a rotten race these hindus are..!!!

    1. we should put muslims in jail- only option -leave india,

      hindus doctors, nurses should not treat muslims. let corona get them

      uk has a hindu home minister. she will take care of the faithfulls.

    2. hindus respect all liveing beings.unlike muslims

      i respect a faithful dog than most muslims

      muslims will kill anybeing,even creatures like themselves- in pakistan, afghanistan, iraq

      your heroes are skum like abu bakar baghdadi, sadamam hussain, mullah omar .

      usa haskilled millions like you- good. they should use nukes. i admire trump. good guy.

      mynmaar did well to throw out the muslim rohingas-

      mosr western countries want to deport them. in danmark burqas are banned. fine between 1000 to 10000 usd.
      no masjids, however the muslims have no self repect- once they come, one can spit on them- they remain unashamed,

      has islam taught you that ,

      hindu doctors,nurses should ignore you.

      go to masjids


  5. May the Lord reward the British P M for having concern on lndian Muslim persecution. This has gone too long. Even longer than apartheid in S African.
    Britain has an obligation to help free lndian Muslims as they were the ONE who attached Kasmir to lndian against Pakistani will.
    The same way also they refused English speaking Cameronians self determination & attached them to the French speaking; who are billing them beyond doubt.
    How ever it’s never too late. S. AmAsfrica was libretd by Frederick Cleared a WHITE MAN. The same way too if another benevolent British WHITE MAN can help to liberate Kasmr Indians & Bameda and Boys English speaking Cameronians.

    1. most peacefuls live in bengal, maharashtra, delhi, telengana-

      how athey being persecuted. get subsidised gas, free medical treatment, some mpoor get cash -same as others.
      dress in topis, women in burqas. have millions of masjids, kabristans-halalmeat shops.

      why i ask is that no muslims leaveing for pakistan-instead millions of illegal bangladeshis, rohinga, afghans.
      afghans find india better than their own country.

      muslims unhappy in usa, britain, france. but millions want to live there.. the real unhappy are hindus who have so many peacefuks .in their country. why dont you guys leave.

  6. muslims out of self respect should refuse haj subsidy

    shamless whey complain every day out of illtreatment by hindus.

    at sme time govt should stop all aid to amu, jamia.

  7. it would be good for all if muslims got a separate country ,and hindus their own- like budhists in mynmaar,srilanka, thailand-

    end of debate.

    both communities let down by silly gandhi and nehru.jinnah was right.

  8. The Hindus have had their butt’s kicked for nearly 800 years first by the Arabs then by the mughal turks then by the British. Now after a brief respite of 70 years its the turn of the Chinese to continue the long tradition of making Hindus their bitches.

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