Phagwara communal clash : Dalits also joined Muslims along with Sikhs , says a report


A  report on Phagwara communal clash reveals that when Shiv Sainiks attacked Muslims  on Friday , not only Sikhs but Dalits also joined them and gave a tough time to Shiv Sainiks , chased them  away  who entered a temple and a neighboring building  . Given below is a report by IP Sing which was published in Times of India on what exactly happened in Phagwara.

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Phagwara : The tension in Phagwara, simmering since Wednesday after local Shiv Sena activists targeted some shops of Kashmiris, led to a clash on Friday between Sena activists on one side and Muslims, Sikhs, and Dalits on the other.

 Police have registered a case against eight Shiv Sena leaders and 40-50 unidentified persons.

The clash took place after Sena leaders pelted stones on a mosque, abused Muslims, and attacked their shops. It is learnt that the situation turned from bad to worse, even as there were intelligence inputs apprehending a clash. Cops had managed to avert a clash once, but Sena activists again came near the mosque, challenging Muslims and pelting stones, after which the latter retaliated.

Muslims had earlier announced that they would take a procession to the SDM’s office on Friday to submit a memorandum. However, Phagwara SP Ajinder Singh urged them not to take out any procession. In the meantime, Sena activists came near the mosque and burnt a Pakistani flag. After this, weekly prayers were held inside the mosque, and Sena activists took out a procession in the town. After this march, they again came near the mosque, despite police officials pleading with them not to proceed to the mosque.

In the meantime, local Sikh and Dalit activists came out to support the Muslims, and chased away Sena activists who entered a temple and a neighbouring building, from where they started pelting brickbats from rooftops, which also hit the cops. Muslim, Sikh, and Dalit activists also retaliated with brickbats, during which the glass shield of an idol on the temple gate was damaged. Police had a tough time controlling the situa tion, and resorted to canecharge to control the situation.

On the complaint of a mosque imam, police booked Shiv Sena leaders Inderjit Karwal, Kuldeep Dani, and Jimmy Karwal, besides Hindu Suraksha Samiti president Deepak Bhardwaj, among eight identified per sons under sections of IPC and the Arms Act. Later, Sena supporters gathered in a temple on GT Road, and gave a call for Phagwara bandh on Saturday, while Muslims, Sikhs, and Dalit activists held a meeting at the mosque and announced they would collectively confront any communal attack.


  1. muslims there continously supported by bsp leader and ambedkarite people of phagwara, this is not happen first time but around one year when they were attacked by hindu outfit then too bsp leaders came to their support and assured them full support and then they came to bsp meeting in phagwara to thank the party for support

  2. My name Guruprasad, I don’t anything about islam or Muslim. I know you are all human being. I know you all are having equal rights . My questions to you is why are not following uniform civil code? what is problem, I don’t understand .please remove cast and religion from constitution.

    • Religion is important to all people.

      Hindus like to have their religious Vedic laws, Christians follow their Bibical laws and Muslims follow their Islamic laws.

      The concept of ‘secular laws’ is a recent phenomenon. Moreover in a country like truely secular laws will never exist.

      We have some Hindus who want to ban cow-meat, we have some Christians who promote alcohol consumption, we have some Muslims who want to ban interest based transactions.

      I hope you get my point.


      • Beautiful words. I am a muslim and would not have said more appropriate than this.Well done Bharati! We need to grow above from one dimensional perspective as a race. Of course there will be exceptions like above.

      • No I don’t get your points Christians don’t promote alcohol almost all Hindus promote because they are the ones who owns dealerships and some even produce it. Not all Hindus are against beef because many of them eat beef. And lastly even though some Muslims will not participate in interest trading but most use it as there are no or limited options. Having said that if India has to achieve real progress that has to achieve internal peace which only harmonious relations with one and all could bring

      • Vedic people ate beef and horse meat…Check it.. Still nobody cares..Do not just start a war in the name of cow….

      • Nice thinking Bharti …
        Appreciate your thinking…Keep it up…

        We all should be mentally and spritually secular besides being promoters of love…

    • You are a fool Guru Prasad. The issue is not uniform civil code here. Why are you diverting attention? Talk about riots caused deliberately by communal forces

    • Caste and relugion sud b removed frm society and minds of the people who follow it humilating other human beings , depriveving them frm social , economical and educational oppurtunities it the manuvadi and bharamanvadi ideology which is forcing country to the verge of a civil war. By the way my frnd constitution has done excatally wat u r demanding here. Now its society’s turn to look beyond caste and religion otherwise b ready for a civil war

  3. Fantastic!! All Indians must come out like this to save our country from Hindu separatists and saffron terrorists.

  4. we have to unite to save the country..most important thing is that we should save our country from RSS BJP and some other group like..because they are spoiling the country in place of development their thought is very cheap.

  5. Well done. Show this unity in each and every village, town and city. The goons of right wing organisations thrive only when good people do not unite. The Evil thrives only when the Good is afraid of. The time has come for tit for tat. Gandhi ji said, “Beating someone in self defence is also a part non-violence.”

    See the idiot Guruprasad vomiting his hatred. The subjct matter here is something else and the idiot is writing something totally irrelvant

    • I’m beginning to think Guruprasad may not be an irrelevant idiot after all (unlike some others here). I also don’t see him “vomiting his hatred” (‘spewing his hatred’ would be a better expression, but hey don’t bother; it’s a foreign language, innit?). Caste and religion has f***ed us for decades and will continue to do so. But when the diverse unite, it’s scary for any ‘ruler’. It’d be interesting to look out for their divisive strategy.

  6. Good job..! Shiv Sena and other similar groups are a big threat. Fortunately, they don’t enjoy popularity in Hyderabad or South India.

  7. When Govt laps to take immediate actions. then people come forward to resolve this issue. I salute to all my sikhs brothers. come forward and help muslims.

  8. we are punjabis and secularism is our core phillosphy , we r with our muslim brothers . we condem fasist act done by shiv sena .

  9. Ye toh bahut accha Kiya. In bajrangiyo ko aise hi sabak sikhana chahiye ye bajrangi aur RSS hi desh me danga krwaatey hai. Well Done Sikh Brothers.

    • There are some others group too. There also doing the same thing. Sabko nanga Karke marna chahiye. Regardless, religions.

  10. Caste and relugion sud b removed frm society and minds of the people who follow it humilating other human beings , depriveving them frm social , economical and educational oppurtunities it the manuvadi and bharamanvadi ideology which is forcing country to the verge of a civil war. By the way my frnd constitution has done excatally wat u r demanding here. Now its society’s turn to look beyond caste and religion otherwise b ready for a civil war

  11. The scenario has started fast changing. We have got tired of the communal riots. The young generation is facing many other problems like unemployment, education etc. They have realised the importance of communal harmony so these political tricks will no longer survive. Thanks to our Dalit and Sikh and other secular minded brothers to come ahead at an hour of crisis for a community.There are black sheep in every community. We have single out those ones.

  12. The development reveals the pathetic plight of not Muslims only but others including Dalits and Christians and Skikhs also . Had there been such unity through out the country, the anti-social elements who are thriving, given the first ever opportunity to take law on hand, would have been muted.

  13. It’s good to see how people come forward to help other human when injustice taken place. Regardless religion and race we should do the right thing. Burning or damaging mosques or temple or church brings nothing but violation in the society. No religion support any violation. There are stupid and extreme people who have different interpretation of their script faith. We should love each other and forget person’s background. Hindu should accept other people can eat cow. Muslim should accept alcohol is ok for some people. It’s people choice and no one should be forced. At end we are all human not animal!

  14. Police and some Muslim cattle traders have said that certain people posing as cow vigilantes in Madhya Pradesh are indulging in extortion, especially from the minority community, an allegation dismissed by those affiliated to Hindu outfits, who distanced themselves from those indulging in violence and extortion.… This has developed as a business in the last few years. Many of them have turned crorepatis . Some lower level policemen are also involved in this activity and get a share from these gau-rakshaks, said another senior police officer, requesting anonymity.


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