PhD Muslim woman sells vegetables, says denied jobs due to her name


By Unsa Khan

The video of a Muslim woman speaking fluent English has gone viral on social media. The woman named as Raeesa Ansari sells vegetables in Indore city and she was seen speaking against municipal authorities for allegedly asking to remove her pushcart from the roadside.


The woman from a marginalized family is a PhD in Material Science but sells vegetables as she couldn’t get a job due to alleged communal biases against the community. “Who will give me job? Who will help my family survive? My names is Raeesa Ansari and this is why I’m not getting any work”, Raeesa said.

Ansari, who looks after a family of around 23 members, added, “Our family has been selling vegetables for 50 years now, if the municipality asks us to remove our belongings from here, who would help us survive?”, says Ansari.

Expressing her concerns Raeesa says “Where do we go? Do we die at the Collector’s office or at the Municipality or at Modi’s House?”.

On an important note, Raeesa had completed her PhD in 2011 Indore’s Devi Ahilya University but she has been unemployed since then.

The coronavirus pandemic along with unemployment has taken a toll on the future of many educated youngsters who’ve been adjusting to quite degrading jobs or no jobs while the Government is sitting relaxed doing nothing for such issues.


  1. The ”Sachar” INDIAN MUSLIM tragedy of Hindu RSS brains of sham ”Ram-Rajya”…

    Democracy and Constitution and equal opportunity is just for amusement and Joking in our uncivilised majoritarian Modi-Shah fascist state.

    Keep the poor, uneducated and unemployed and imprison if needed—RSS Gurumantra–Saam, Daam, Dand, Bhed for devilish victory.

  2. India is a land of communal and casteist discriminations…the poor are taken for a ride by selfish politicians who come to power…

  3. The family of 23 member, What sort of PhD degree she hold ?
    Where are those Islamic men who treat women as right hand pussesion?
    This is only because of Islamic pervert mindset.
    The women as Slave,
    There are millions of Muslims across the world suffering only from Muslims where is Muslim regime.
    No one rise an objection but sure Muslims must treat as Prince and Princess and king by non Muslims only specially in India
    Where were you when six hundred thousands Kashmiri pandits were genocide by mjslkms?????

    • Bullshit mindset

      Get a life … know history 1st before you comment

      Plus there are joint families where the members can be fifty as well

      Your religion is man made so don’t point a finger towards islam which is a true religion

  4. Every country discrimination is there .. I doubt why in India it’s highlighted other places no one raises voice ??


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