Plea in Delhi HC seeks ban on Salman Khurshid’s book comparing Hindutva to ISIS


New Delhi: A petition has been filed in the Delhi High Court seeking direction to stop the publication, circulation, and sale of former Union Minister Salman Khurshid’s book for its alleged remarks on Hindutva.

The plea filed by Advocate Vineet Jindal through Advocate Raj Kishor Chaudhary contended that the recently-launched book “Sunrise over Ayodhya: Nationhood in our times” authored by Khurshid compared Hindutva to radical jihadist groups like ISIS And Boko Haram.


The comment has been made in a chapter called “The Saffron Sky” on Page 113 of the book which reads as under — “Sanatan dharma and classical Hinduism known to sages and saints was being pushed aside by a robust version of Hindutva, by all standards, a political version similar to jihadist Islam of groups like ISIS and Boko Haram of recent years,” the plea read.

Further, it stated that the equivalence of Hinduism to ISIS and Boko Haram is perceived as a negative ideology Hindus have been following and Hinduism is violent, inhuman, and oppressive.

Freedom of speech and expression under Article 19(1) of the Constitution goes hand-in-hand with reasonable restrictions that may be imposed under Article 19(2), So, in a country like India, which is perpetually on a communal tinderbox, where religious sentiments run deep, where respect for certain public and historical figures always come accompanied with veneration for their demi-god 9 status, it doesn’t take much for malice to be coated with a toxic communal hue based on the contents of the book, the plea stated.

Earlier in a complaint to the Delhi Police, Jindal had demanded an FIR against Khurshid in the matter under 153,153A ,298 and 505 (2) of I.P.C which are cognizable offences and very serious and to take strict Legal Action.- IANS


  1. If he had written “Hindutva, by all standards, a political version similar to Islam of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)” he would have been honest and accurate.

    • anonymous Hindu gutter rat,

      As always Hindu lie and show their crooked filthy mindset. Most of the Hindu “gods” are murderers, rapists, perverts and engage in incest, bestiality. No wonder you Hindus are sick to the core. Hindus are worse then ISIS, in fact you are like Nazis. Hindutva is a terrorist ideology and all those who follow should be shot on sight. Problem solved

      • Follower of The Prophet (PBUH) speaks his mind openly, honestly, AND without fear of retribution in a free country. Praise be to Bharath and Hindutva both of which face hatred with a benevolent smile.

        • Anonymous sanghi bhangi
          Yes, we Muslims speak the truth openly. We don’t fear Hindu pagans who
          are liars and cowards. “without fear of retribution in a free country”?! What
          a pathetic filthy liar you are. What free country? Muslims in India are targeted and murdered for no reason other then our religion whether its lynchings, NRC, CAA etc. You must be high on cow piss. Hindutva is cancer which will end just like Hitler’s Third Reich did, down the toilet of history.
          “Benevolent smile” HAHAHAHA! Nothing benevolent about dirty rotten jealous Hindus and the hatred which is the basis of your vile pagan “religion.” Selling your kidneys and renting your mothers out to make enough money to get a visa to a Muslim countries to clean our toilets. Bhangi mata can only produce bhangis.


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