PM Modi doesn’t need a degree, here is why !

PM Modi

By Arshad Mohsin,

The scale of humiliating tweets, articles and derogatory social media posts by the so called degree holders questioning the veracity of the degree certificate of PM Modi is a case of generations being subverted by the ongoing Macaulayan system of education which seeks to destroy the indigenous knowledge and create a comprador class best suited to the colonial administration of the ugly past of the occupied India.


Before I put my case across, I have the following questions to those who take pride in displaying their degree certificates obtained from schools, colleges and universities although  leniently run under the premiership of none other than the  Prime minister himself.

1-Why do you degree holders think you are better educated than the PM of India?

2-Where did schools come from ? and for what purpose?

3-Which school did the first education minister of India M.Abul Kalam Azad go to?

4-Why didn’t the first education minister of India need to go to a school ?

5-Why do these degrees make you think you are better educated than those who didn’t have the opportunity to obtain one ?

6-What relations do degrees have with education when most of what you learn come from those who didn’t go to schools, colleges or universities?

7-What degrees do Newton, Einstein , Shakespeare, Azad, Avicenna, Vesalius, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates have ?

8-What degree did the first Noble Laureate of India Mr. Rabindra Nath Tagore have?

Answers to the above questions unmasks the thuggery of the near worthless system of education and certification thereof and brings every Indian of a sound mind to think and decide what a criminal waste of time it has been to be incarcerated in those commercial buildings waiting for years together to be finally released with a piece of paper called degree which guarantees nothing but a fake sense of superiority over the PM of India.

Modi is a politician who is credited to have used more science/technology into politics than any dynastic ruler of India could have even thought of. He is political science personified. Why does he need to show a degree designed by the Britishers to enslave the scholars of India.

And then this insolent son of respected Shri Brij Kishor Lal ji who has called the hon’ble Prime minister of India “Anpadh (illiterate) & Ganwaar (manner less) is a prime example of the kind of beast the so called schools and colleges metamorphose a human being into. His alma meter A.N. College seems to have graduated him in B.A.(abusive language).

Honestly speaking PM Modi is a self-educated ,self-made man who has been learning and using his knowledge of science, arts and commerce for the betterment of the underprivileged all his life. He has connected the whole nation with a vision of development supported by the latest technology available in the world. Which university would have given him a degree for such an accomplishment and in what (run of the mill ) subject ?

Prime Minister Modi seems to have rejected the Prusso-Anglo-American K-12 model of slavery in the name of schooling and has chosen the path of rapid education and enlightenment through the ancient Indian tradition of Guru-Shishye Model which has eventually surprised his adversaries to the extent of dumbness. How could a self-educated man address a batch of world leaders in fluent English. For the so called convent educated brats it’s completely indigestible.

There are many more such surprises for the curious opposition. There are still uncountable number of arrows in PM Modi’s quiver. It’s a matter of shame for those who are criticizing the Prime Minister for not showing a piece of useless paper while he is showing millions of students of this country the path to rapid educational development. One must read his book “Exam Warriors” to understand his love for the challenges in life.

Here is another example to understand the worthlessness of degrees. Suppose you have a total electrical breakdown in your house. wires burnt, voltage destabilized, equipment shattered, machines jammed and then you suddenly remember the guy who can rescue you out of this difficult situation. The electrician who you call rolls up his sleeves and gets to work until you finally feel the cool breeze of your split AC and see the bright screen of your laptop all up and working. So the next thing you do is to ask him to show you his diploma/degree in electrical engineering , do you? Most of the people in this case will simply and thankfully pay this dexterous electrician (Shishye) who might have acquired this extra ordinary  knowledge and skills from his equally talented uncle (Guru).

While no one in the world asks about the formal qualifications of George Bernard Shaw, Thomas Edison, Michael Faraday, The Wright Brothers, Bill Gates, Larry Ellison, Michael Dell, Steve Jobs, Paul Allen, and Mark Zuckerberg , every one simply benefits from their genius with a bow of respect.

In India however, the thankless , regimented breed to brainwashed school/college/university abecedarians rejoice insulting their benevolent leader whose dedication to education should otherwise be appreciated.


(The author is a  Kuwait based Indian author who  rejects the idea of formal schooling. He can be reached at Email: The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect Muslim Mirror’s editorial stance.)



  1. It’s is indeed all true and makes sense..we definitely need not a degree to be much of a achiever…this whole school systems now days are only minting money in the name of falsehood but not real education

  2. Nobody wd have questioned Modi. Nobody wd have asked for his degree. All he needed to do was to state the truth in his election affidavit: he has not had formal schooling. Or only a ltd schooling.
    Further, to draw a parallel between an alleged mass murderer n a proven wife deserter with the Prophet (pbuh) is not just uncalled for, but provicatively derisive.

  3. What’s left for the Muslim Mirror to do now is to praise Modi and advocate for him! That’s great! Gone with the wind? And what a mental bankruptcy to draw a parallel between Modi and Prophet Muhammad!

  4. Arshad Mohsin didn’t go to school, or did he? How can one be so derisive of formal education? We don’t have the best leaders today but is it really the formal education system that has let us down? What about the men themselves?

  5. 😂😂😂 it’s just a feel-good and fanciful and romantic kind of article…. Nothing more….
    The “marital” reality is that, This world works on #80_20Basis in everything….. 80% of society need and do have formal(traditional) education, formal marriage, formal legal system, formal Religion, formal reading, formal writting, formal reasoning, formal dressing, formal housing, formal medical system, formal EVERYTHING….

    And 20% are the #exceptions always, who MAY NOT need and MAY BE #APPRECIATED but, after 10000 years of experimentation and experience, Humans got to know that 80% certainly needs it and having this “#system(institutions)” of the society FOR CENTURIES, for #SUSTAINABLE LIVING, LIVELIHOOD, EMPLOYMENT, EMPOWERMENT, PEACE, JUSTICE, LOVE, CARING, PARENTING, etc ….. And the institutions already have a provision for “ROUTINE ADDITION AND UPGRADATION OF NEW IDEAS” …… As simple as that ….

    Otherwise, for the “sake” of those 20%, ULTRALIBERALISM will take the whole 100% humanity back to Tribal days …. We certainly won’t like to do same old experimentation with new generation at the cost of their lives….


    • Evolved into lynching psychos? Evolved into intolerant bastard? Evolved into educated monsters? Evolved into rapist sympathiser? Evolved so much that world is at war against humanity? Where is this education taking you?

  6. I wish retract this article. The author of the article need to visit a psychiatrist. No one is asking for Modi’s degree certificates, people questioning his manufactured degrees, lies and deceit, it’s okay if somebody has not attained school/college but in which era a degree in entire politics was awarded in India?

  7. Why is China so successful? The new giant of economy.. Because they are more skilled than educated… And you don’t have to learn Henry or taylor’s management theory in order to become a successful entrepreneur.

  8. I fully agree with Zia us salam. And would like to add. I went through the whole article with surprise but when I saw the photo of Arshad ji, I knew it is fake, the man and the photo, giving an Arabic look. On second thought it is not surprising to have come from them as these same people say “if there is a war between Israel and Palestine, we would help Israel.” Modi ji is nothing in comparison to Israeli atrocities that is for sure. So if they can target practice on poor Palestinian people in coordination with Israel then in comparison indian pm is an angel and the Indian state heaven.

  9. This insightful and in- depth analytical article is an eyeopener to those who believe blindly in the present educational system. My congratulations to the writer for such a thought provoking article.

    • Jazak Allah kahir sister Humaira Siddiqui. It’s indeed a very serious issue. We all must unite to eradicate this formalised and commercialized system of totally subverted education in India.Only then can we achieve real freedom. Please make dua.

      • May Allah protect the Ummah from fraudsters and psychiatric cases like you!
        Answer for Indian Muslims is ” Educate and Empower” and not run away from education!
        Ummah needs doctors, engineers, police officers, Army officers, bureaucrats, media leaders, lawyers, chartered accountants, educated businessmen and philanthropists urgently!

  10. From elementary through high school, our teachers, parents and community leaders preach the benefits of a educational degree. And while there are numerous advantages to furthering your education.. knowledge is power, after all it doesn’t guarantee you a job at the end….
    So its a time to Say No to School

  11. Mr.Arshad Mohsin , it’s quite evident from your article that you are mixing the two opposites into one and spreading confusion into the minds of reader. Falsehood and truth can not be one. You can proof 1=2, but these are all the products of make-believe world.


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