PM Modi should learn from  Zealand PM’s immediate visit to Mosque attack victims 

NZ PM meets kin of victims

By MM staff

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern travelled to Christchurch with a message from the people of New Zealand – the country was united with the Muslim community in grief. She left with a message for New Zealanders, from the community: This was not Christchurch, this was not a New Zealand that anyone knows.

The fatal shooting of 49 people at two mosques on Friday will be a sad and tragic part of history but it is not who New Zealanders are, she recounted.

The visit was an important opportunity to share the grief of the country directly with those who have experienced so much loss, she said.

Flanked by Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters, MPs, the leader of the Opposition and local body politicians; she told those gathered she brought messages of love and support on behalf of all New Zealanders.

Later, speaking to reporters, her second press conference in as many days, Ardern told reporters that the country’s gun laws will change in the aftermath of Brendon Terrant causing a large-scale massacre at a Christchurch’s mosque on Friday, killing 50 Muslim worshippers.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi is yet to condemn the killings.

The Newzealand PM’s visit and strong message has also garnered criticism for Indian PM who has most of the times remained silent on killings in Kashmir and mob lynchings across the country.

It’s must be noted that PM Modi never met with the Gujarat anti -Muslim communal violence victims as chief minister of Gujarat when the genocide took place.


  1. Modi is silent on Muslim killings as always he encourages intimidation and fear…
    This is his principles he knows according to his extreme understanding of religion based on hate concept of RSS, which does not know “Raj Dharma”
    Indian PM maunvrat like always….At this wise age of 68 years, he deeply wishes 25 crore Indian Muslims would just vanish or self-combust, and he stays in chowkidaar power eternally for he will live 2 centuries fuelled by Muslim hate as his only achievement in life…
    Wishful thinking…

  2. Arrogant and uneducated people never learn from mistakes or world happenings..
    They are blissfully drunk on their power…

  3. Muslim population in Newzeland is hardly 1%.. thus it is not the threat to Newzeland culture. When it will reach 15%, there will be RSS and Modi in Newzeland too…

  4. Read RSS books like Muslims, Hindutva, Musings,We and our Nationhood defined,Manu Smriti etc and you will know what a deadly inhuman poison RSS gangs are.


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