PM’s development, job promises give way to temples, statues: Congress


New Delhi : Former Union Minister P. Chidambaram on Monday took a dig at the BJP for promising statues and temples ahead of the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, after failing to fulfil its earlier poll promises of development and jobs.

“At the beginning of five years, the promise is for development, jobs and money in every citizen’s bank account,” the Congress veteran tweeted.


“Nothing achieved, at the end of five years, the new promise is for grand temples, giant statues and doles,” he said as he reminded Prime Minister Narendra Modi of his earlier promises of vikas (development), providing two crore jobs annually and bringing back black money stashed in foreign tax havens and filling up the poor man’s coffer with Rs 15 lakh each.

Chidambaram’s latest jibe at the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party comes at a time when the saffron brigade has been raising the pitch for the construction of a grand Ram temple in Ayodhya.



    • Its not candy floss. Its called ideological assertion. Its symbolism. Your minuscule mind will not understand it. You are angry because you are not getting appeasement lollipop from current government; which you were used to under Khangress rule.

    • All dreams of ideological assertions have terribly failed and gloomy future awaits them. Majoritarian appeasement from devout government have failed to yield the desired results. At least Khangress appeasement of majority seem to had better results.

      • Minority are nuisance and unfit to live in any secular democratic non Muslim country anywhere in world. Generally considered pests every where in any country living off on welfare with large families. ration card, using subsidies. facilities, a whole water tank is needed just for one family who consider themselves fit for extra laws than Majority Community.. want to destroy each and every non Muslim country.. take even welfare land when they die.. proudly say they going to bury in Government land when all their life the cursed the vary people who gave them the land.

  1. The statue of SVB Patel, if built in India, would have definitely created lots In of jobs internally. Failure not to foresee this tells us that PMNDM (PMO), AS, and Yogi are just again playing the “campaign game” for their cohorts. In short, their claim to learn from late SVBP, the first HM of free India under the premiership of late JLNehru, with whom SVBP had no qualms in sharing power, as two ‘siblings’of the same ‘bapu’ (Gandhi). Don’t forget that the two together put the brilliant future strategic plan for the Republic of India, under the present Constitution of India authored by Dr. Ambedkar. The governance of PMNDM, mostly just a duo of NDM and AS, both ‘dictatorial’ historically (Gujarat, 2002) and New Delhi (and UP), 2014-now, has been an abysmal disaster. I wish I could be more generous in my grading the PMO. Still, I am scared of the day in 2019 when the Lok Sabha election results would be finally announced. The greatest damage that the last 5 yrs of the myopic sarkar of PMNDM and CMYAN (UP) have done is the change of heart of the populace (Hindutva-oriented) and brute force of majoritarianism. It is sad but impossible to disprove it. May God save India from further decline. Amen!

      • After reading above the “altruistic” sarcasm from “Hindu” above, I was disappointed, no doubt. So, if your kind words are for me, my opening remarks were worthy. Thanks.

        • Brother, you broke my heart !

          I am a big BJP/Modi supporter. Whats wrong with that. I find Modi government is doing very very well for the country. There was no sarcasm in my comment. Whatever I said, I meant it 100%.

    • Word ‘Secular’ had no place in Dr Ambedkar’s constitution. No Muslim dared to object then as present day India was created on 2 Nations concept forwarded by Muslim that Muslims can not live with Hindus. So under 2 nations theory, Pakistan for ALL MUSLIMS LIVING IN INDIA AND INDIA FOR HINDUS. Today, we regret that Muslim were allowed to live here, given 4 wives, Halala practice and Instant talaq to replace any wife any time and just breed and abuse India, Hindus and to stone Hindu Soldiers. What a blunder it was.


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