Political storm in Bihar after Muslim minister enters temple with Nitish

Political storm in Bihar after Muslim minister entered with Nitish Kumar in Vishnupad temple Gaya.

PATNA : The entry of Mohammad Israil Mansoori in a Vishnupad temple of Gaya has created a political storm in Bihar after several BJP leaders targeted Chief Minister Nitish Kumar.

The chief minister was on an official visit to Gaya and went along with Information and Technology Minister Mohammad Israil Mansoori to the Vishnupad temple for a ‘darshan’.


After the ‘puja’, Mansoori said that it was my fortune to enter with CM Nitish Kumar in the “Garbh Grih” of Vishnupad temple.

The temple authority has claimed that a notice with regards to prohibition of non Hindu people entering inside the temple, put on the gate to inform them, still, Mansoori entered inside the “Garbha Griha” of the temple.

The temple has constituted a committee to investigate the incident.

Reacting on it, Haribhushan Thakur Bachaul, the MLA of BJP and Hindu hardliner said: “It was a heretic act of Mansoori to enter the temple. When it is clearly mentioned that non Hindus are prohibited to enter the temple, how did he do that? CM Nitish Kumar is answerable for it. He has hurt the sentiments of Hindu community and insulted the temple.”

“The Bihar CM Nitish Kumar has hurt the sentiments of common Hindus, who believe in Sanatan Dharma by taking along a non Hindu, his Muslim minister into the premises of Gaya’s famous Vishnupad Mandir. Nitish Kumar does not believe in Hindu religious text or follows the traditions of Hindu Dharma. If Nitish Kumar ji is suffering from secular-itis, he should better go to Mecca and Madina to offer Namaz,” said Nikhil Anand, the national general secretary of the BJP’s OBC wing and spokesperson of Bihar.

“The way Nitish Ji has deliberately tried to pollute the temple premises by breaking the ancient religious norms as well as rules and regulations of the local priest, he must apologise to the Hindu faith and all those who believe in Sanatan Dharma globally. This photo opportunity exercise of Nitish ji to appease the Muslims is seriously condemnable,” Anand said.

Danish Rizwan, the national spokesperson of HAM said: “The way BJP leaders are trying to spread communalism is seriously objectionable. They are creating a poisonous atmosphere in the society. We will not allow their communal agendas to spread in the state.” — IANS


  1. It was the duty of a Muslim to see that he doesn’t flout the social norms. How will the community react if Hindus start barging into the Mosques. ?


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