Poll panel seeks details of Azam Khan’s speech


azam khanThe Election Commission Wednesday sought details of  Uttar Pradesh Minister Mohd Azam Khan’s speech in which he said the Kargil war was won solely because of Muslim soldiers.

The minister Tuesday had allegedly said the Kargil peaks were not conquered by Hindu soldiers, but by Muslim soldiers, while addressing an election rally in Ghaziabad where he was campaigning for Samajwadi party candidate Nahid Hasan.

Senior officials told IANS that the commission has sought details from the district administration.


  1. He could say someday, this country got freedom due to Muslims not Hindu. Its not his fault.

    It reflects the hatred of decade he has nurtured as a Muslim against the rest of India.

    I am sure politicians of this ideology could never represent a country. They are simply localised to kasba, kaum and party.

    It can be asked to Mr. Azam. Who was the leader of war of Kargil. It was Mr. Atal Behari Vajpayee and who was the willful opponent, Mr. Parwaiz Musharaff. Is it his kaum then responsible for this war, if he believes solely in kaum rather than country.

    It is of great misfortune of this country that some groups and their leader in particular could never think out of their kaum for the country.


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