Popular Front condemns  Delhi Police’s attempts to mislead the courts 

Anis Ahmed,General Secretary Popular Front.

By Muslim Mirror Network 

Popular Front of India General Secretary Anis Ahmed, in his latest statement, has strongly condemned the false statement made by the Delhi Police to Delhi High Court about the organization.

“In its submission to Delhi High Court opposing the bail plea of JNU student leader Umar Khalid, Delhi police has made several false claims about Popular Front,” said Anis Ahmed in his statement. “The Delhi Police has always tried to mislead the court by creating fake stories. There were multiple cases of even courts criticizing how police handled North East Delhi violence.”

He further said that the Shaheen Bagh protest was a people’s protest, initiated, led and sustained by people belonging to all religious and ideological backgrounds and it was not controlled by any particular party or group.

He said, “Popular Front leadership had clarified during the time of the protest itself that the organization was not leading it, but as part of its commitment towards the protection of civil rights, we supported the rights of the people of Shaheen Bagh to democratically agitate against anti-people policies like the NRC and CAA. But Police have been eager from the beginning tbo paint the historic Shaheen Bagh democratic protest as a criminal act. Delhi police are targeting two birds in one shot by portraying Popular Front as an anti-national organization and later and criminalising any democratic agitation as illegal just by linking it with Popular Front,” said Anis Ahmed.

He further stated that Delhi police had even tried to target Popular Front Delhi state leaders in 2020 by implicating them in false cases.


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