Popular Front condemns UP STF raid at Delhi state office; calls part of the ongoing vendetta


By Muslim Mirror Network

New Delhi: Social organization Popular Front of India on Sunday  condemned the raids conducted by Uttar Pradesh STF at its  Delhi state committee office in Shaheen Bagh, New Delhi.  Front alleged that the raid is a part of the ongoing harassment launched against the organization by Yogi Govt.

 In a statement the Front recalled that “there was a raid at our state office a couple of months back by the Enforcement Directorate and the agency could not find any shred of evidence for anything against the law from our office”.

“So, it is clear that the present raid of UP STF was conducted only to harass us. The UP STF did not follow any legal process and did show the search warrant nor gave the seizure report to the office staff. Flags, published PR documents and handbills were seized and we are sure the STF will present this as “incriminating documents,” it added.

For the past few months Uttar Pradesh government has initiated a vicious vendetta against Popular Front by illegally arresting its members on fabricated charges and linking the organization in false terror conspiracies, it said.

It all began with the arrest of our state adhoc committee members during the anti-CAA protest alleging them to be the mastermind of the protests, it reminded.

Popular Front said it has responded with legal action for ensuring justice to the innocent people killed and tortured by Uttar Pradesh police during the citizenship agitations.

The organization had filed a PIL against UP police in the High Court seeking judicial probe into the police atrocities on minorities. As revenge to these interventions, UP Police arrested the state adhoc committee member and even harassed their family members.

It said “Even after the Hatras rape case the UP police tried to hide its failure by arresting journalist and student activists as instigators of“imaginary caste violence” and also linking them to Popular Front”. The abduction and illegal detention of our members Anshad and Firoz from the train on their way to home and the present raids are the latest of the vindictive moves, it said.

Today on 21st Feb the cadres of Popular Front Kasargod District of Kerala are protesting against the visit of Yogi Adityanath to Kerala. Hence, these raids and the police deployment since yesterday was a tactic to compel us to withdraw the protest but the protests in Kerala were conducted as decided.

It said that the Popular Front will not be intimidated by these witch-hunts and we will fight it through legal and democratic means.  We call upon people of all sections to voice against UP Police excess against democratic rights.


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