Popular Front condemns violence against minorities in Bangladesh   

The Bangladesh police said over 450 suspected temple attacker have been arrested so far. (File)

New Delhi: Popular Front of India Chairman, O M A Salam, has condemned the violence against members of the Hindu community and their places of worship in Bangladesh. 

O M A Salam said that the news of deaths and destruction coming from our neighbouring country is extremely disturbing and unfortunate. He added that those who take the law into their hands and target innocents belonging to other communities over some unverified allegations are a threat to any civilised society. Such people must be controlled and made an example out of. 


The rights and liberties of minorities are inviolable under any circumstances, and it is the yardstick used to judge a functional society with rule of law. Sheikh Hasina’s hinting that the persecution against Muslims in India has a bearing on the attack on Hindus in Bangladesh is unacceptable. While Hasina acknowledges minorities as equal citizens of the country in her latest statement, she must prove it in action and ensure peace and security to Hindu minorities in the country, Said O M A Salam.  


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