Pro-BJP Women group announces opposition to triple talaq bill


By Muslim Mirror Special Correspondent,

New Delhi/Lucknow: As the BJP-led government at the Centre is planning to table the triple talaq bill in Parliament, All India Muslim Women Personal Law Board (AIMWPLB) Wednesday has raised the banner of revolt against the proposed law. The Board, which has been in the forefront of reforms in the Muslim Personal Law, said t would oppose the proposed bill if it is not in consonance with the Quran or the Constitution of India.

Like the Bhartiya Muslim Mahela Andolan, the Lucknow- based group Women Board has also been considered close to the Sangh Parivar and the present government. However, it seems that now it has been trying to distance from the government’s move. It also alleged that despite a request to the Law Commission it did not get the copy of the draft bill.

Board’s founder Shaista Amber said if the proposed legislation is not in the light of Qura’n, we would not accept and underlined the fact that Nikaah (marriage) is a contract in Islam.

Talking to a news agency, Amber said if anybody breaks the contract he should be punished. However, if it (Bill) is not in the light of Quran and the Constitution, no Muslim woman will accept it”.

“I had sent a letter to the Law Commission requesting it to show the draft bill to the All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB), AIMWPLB, Jamait Islami, Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind and organizations working for women who were given talaq. I got a reply that if needed, it will be discussed but that did not happen,” she added.

She also held the All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) responsible for the present state of affairs as it has never bothered to take triple talaq seriously, and now it was too late.

AIMPLB chairman Maulana Rabe Hasani Nadwi has sent a letter on Tuesday to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi asking him to withhold or withdraw the proposed bill that criminalizes the practice of instant divorce.

The Board had earlier demanded the withdrawal of the bill stating that it was against the provisions of the Constitution and violated the rights of women. However, it also said that “If the government want to stop triple talaq, then it can take our suggestions. We will help in solving the issues under the constitutional provision of Muslim laws.”

The Government had deferred the tabling of the bill a couple times. First, it announced the tabling of the bill before the beginning of the winter session of the Parliament when the Gujarat assembly election was under way. Sources say the government is under dilemma now as the proposed draft has contradictory clauses.


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