Prophet Muhammad’s cartoons an insult to Muslims and Christians alike, says French archbishop


By Muslim Mirror Staff

A French archbishop has condemned Prophet Muhammad’s insulting cartoons published by French weekly magazine Charlie Hebdo. He said that there are limits to freedom of expression and that no one has the right to insult any religion.

“These are considered an insult to Muslims and Christians alike and they should not be spread further. We all see their results,” Archbishop of Toulouse Robert Le Gall said in comments to France Bleu radio station, according to an Arabi21 report.


“There are limits to freedom of expression and we should realise that we do not have the right to insult religions,” he added.

Anger spread in the Islamic world after France president Emmanuel Macron defended Charlie Hebdo cartoons and he went on to say that Islam is a religion that is in crisis all over the world today.

Several Christians have also joined those condemning the cartoons.

Jalal Chahda, a senior anchor with the Qatar-based Al-Jazeera news channel, said in a tweet: “I am Jalal Chahda, an Arab Levantine Christian, and I strongly reject and denounce the insult to the Prophet of Islam, the Messenger #Mohammad. Blessings and peace.”

Chahda also attached a photo, saying: “Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace.”

It was followed by comments from his Muslim colleagues praising the tweet.

Ghada Owais, another Al-Jazeera presenter who is also Christian, re-tweeted Chahda’s tweet, saying: “I refuse to hurt the feelings of Muslims or to generalize terrorism and link it to Islam.”

A Twitter user named Ayman Dababneh said: “Who offends and does not respect my Muslim brothers does not respect me as a Jordanian Christian,” he also attached a photo saying “I am Christian against Islam abuse.”

Michael Ayoub said on Twitter: “I really despise the person [who] insults the religion of another or mocks him or his messengers.


  1. As followers of religion, we have to thinking positif, islam or muhammadism also as part of global community conseqencies of community are to join with another with good faith, respected and have symphaty to create universe comfort

  2. muslims must learn some tolerance and so do Christians. What’s the big deal if someone makes fun of mohammad or allah? One should learn to take it in good humour.


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