Protests held across various cities in the US over insulting remarks on prophet, atrocities on Muslims in India

Around 3000 people participated in the protest organised in front of the Indian consulate in New York on Saturday.

By Muslim Mirror Network

Protests were held in New York, Houston, Texas and in Chicago on Saturday and Sunday in connection with insulting remarks on Prophet Muhammad and growing persecution of Muslims in India. The protests were called by the US-baed Muslim groups.


Around 3000 people participated in the protest organised in front of the Indian consulate in New York on Saturday.

There has been an international outrage over former BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharm’s derogatory remarks on Prophet Muhammad. In the wake of growing criticism in the Arab world, the BJP suspended Sharma and its Delhi unit media in-charge Naveen Jindal. However, the BJP responded with violence, police brutality and demolition of houses to protests organised by Muslims in India.

At least Muslim boys were killed during protests in Jharkhand’s Ranchi city on Friday. Several Muslim men and women have been detained and arrested for coming out on the road against the insulting remarks on the prophet.

Outspoken Muslim student Afreen Fatima, her parents and sisters have reportedly been taken into police custody. Her house was demolished by authorities in Uttar Pradesh’s Allahabad.


  1. A comment in a national news outlet in the US of A:
    1. During the TV debate, when the BJP spokesperson spoke about the Islamic prophet, she was quoting from Islamic scriptures

    2. The spokesperson did so in response to the Muslim spokesperson on the panel insulting her religion by pointing out her superstitions.

    The beliefs of two religions were insulted in that debate, but the followers of only one turned out on the streets in thousands, indulged in rioting, registered police complaints, issued religious diktats and fatwas, threatened to rape and decapitate the spokesperson, and threatened a similar fate to her fellow party members. Right now, the Muslim places of worship are being used to incite mass frenzy and violent actions of massive proportions. In days to follow, violence will occur; it’s inevitable.

    Terrorist organizations have declared that India as a country will be made to suffer.

    Meanwhile, several countries whose constitutional allegiance is to Islam, some of which are suppliers of precious oil to India, pressured India into submission.

    The Indian state buckled because of the two pressures: law and order and the risk to the inflow of cheap oil.

    The freedom of speech is being crushed by India under pressure from recalcitrant followers of a religion. Instead of expressing shock and concern about this, like how we all did during events like Charlie Hebdo, she bemoans that Nupur has supporters who are not likely to back down.

  2. If you want to know truth about any idealogy (lslam obv), just look at who you can’t criticize and how they treat people who think differently.
    Especially the suicide bomber jihadis.


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