Rahul urges Indians in US and back home to stand up for democracy, Constitution


NEW YORK : Congress leader Rahul Gandhi pressed his criticism of the country’s leadership in a speech on Sunday, calling for Indians in the US and back home to stand up for democracy and the Indian Constitution.

Gandhi, a sharp critic of Prime Minister Narendra Modi who was expelled from Parliament, accused Modi and his Bharativa Janata Party (BJP) of dividing the country and failing to focus on important issues such as unemployment and education.

“To be nasty to people, to be arrogant, to be violent, these are not Indian values,” Gandhi, 52, told a crowd of about 700 at the Indian Overseas Congress USA event at the Jacob Javits Center in Manhattan. He spoke just after a minute of silence recognising a massive train derailment in eastern India that killed 275 people and injured hundreds more.

Gandhi has been on a three-city tour of the United States, including speaking engagements at Stanford University in California and the National Press Club in Washington, D.C.

Meanwhile, US congressional leaders have invited Modi to address a joint meeting of Congress later this month. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and other leaders announced the address as an “opportunity to share your vision for India’s future and speak to the global challenges our countries both face.”

Grandson of former Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi is a member of the Indian National Congress party. He is considered to be Modi’s main challenger in the upcoming 2024 elections.

“Modern India cannot exist without our Constitution and our democracy,” he said on Sunday. He also urged a stronger partnership between India and the US to offset China’s influence.

“One of the things we have to think about is the bridge between India and the United States,” he said. “How do we compete with the challenge the Chinese have placed on the table,” he asked, specifically citing issues of mobility and the world’s energy supply.

The Congress Party defeated the BJP in recent state elections in the Himachal Pradesh and Karnataka states, wins that came after a series of state elections defeats after Modi became India’s prime minister in 2014. Gandhi now holds no official position in his party. He gave up the post of party president after his severe defeats by the BJP in 2019 national elections, though his supporters hope the more recent results will impact the country’s 2024 national elections, which are likely to be held before May.

Gandhi suffered a serious setback in March when a court convicted him in a criminal defamation case for mocking Modi’s surname, a decision that led to him being expelled from parliament. He could lose his eligibility to run for a parliamentary seat for the next eight years if an appeals court doesn’t overturn his conviction. The conviction came in connection with a speech he gave in 2019.

Gandhi, who is not related to Mahatma Gandhi, also invoked the assassinated Indian leader’s name several times during his speech, praising his model of non-violence. — AP


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    • This is one of the clear evidences of how deep and spread out Islamist propaganda network is and how well-funded the efforts are.

  2. 1) He ( Kurt Campbell, White House Chief Officer for Asia-Pacific Affairs) said that while the United States and India were both “imperfect democracies” and there were still “concerns” that would be discussed, there was “a degree of trust and confidence” between the countries that did not exist a decade ago.

    “Our goal will be to seek to build on that,” Campbell said.

    “My hope is that this visit ( Mr. Modi’s) basically consecrates the U.S.- India relationship as the most important bilateral relationship with the United States on the global stage, and that we effectively make it into sort of escape velocity.” -Reuters, today

    2) The MSM in the US totally ignored the visit by Mr. Rahul Gandhi.

  3. It would be illuminating to read the full text, rather than the preferred selection of #anon_he_mouse ?

    “while the United States and India were both “imperfect democracies””
    > Since there is NO “perfect democracy” anywhere, the question must be asked, why did he mention something so obvious?
    One option could be that it appears to be some kind of pacifier for a potential cry baby who may become upset.

    The upsetting reason is stated next i.e. “concerns.” The question naturally arises, “what concerns” does he have about India?

    What has changed since a decade ago? (~2013). Why is there just “a degree of trust and confidence” that has to rise from a lower base?

    It would be interesting to know the purpose of that, “consecration” of that relationship. It is strange if that aim is left unstated, or is it merely a #TRANSACTIONAL_RELATIONSHIP ?

    “2) The MSM in the US totally ignored the visit by Mr. Rahul Gandhi”
    > No wonder the #RASHtra_Rodent chooses to remain #anon_he_mouse ;-P


  4. Who is ‘Rahul Gandhi’ outside Indian Congress Party. No body, Just a free loader. A 56 years old pampered child running a ‘Muslim’ Party in India.

    • ^ #Anon_he_mouse : The Congress Party was front & centre with regard to the Freedom of India from British Rule; unlike the likes of #HINDUTVA_TERRORISTS who on the one hand murdered #GANDHI_Father_of_Indian_Nation & on the other like #SAVARKAR_cowardly_mercy_petitioner #RSS_supported_the_2_NATION_Theory .

      If the #Secular_Congress_Party elected him for the leadership post, that’s #DEMOCRACY !

      Unlike the #DIVISIVE_HINDUTVA_BJP , they are not limited & have a broad support base from across #PLURAL_INDIA .

      If he is a child, then one would expect the elders to have greater wisdom, yet we have #SENILE_SANGHIS confusing fantasy with reality. #56_inch_CHURIDAR losing more & more land to China, while boasting of being a chowkidar, #MONKEY_BAAT .



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