Rajratna Ambedkar demands removal of idols of Durga and Saraswati from all educational institutions in India

Rajratan Ambedkar

By Muslim Mirror Staff

Rajratna Ambedkar, great grandnephew of freedom fighter BR Ambedkar, has called on state governments across the country to remove idols of Hindu deities such as Durga and Saraswati from schools and stop making children sing durga aarti at the premises.

This comes in the wake of protests against wearing hijab at schools and colleges in Karnataka.

Mr Rajratna demanded the same in a video livestreamed on Facebook on Thursday. He started by quoting Maharashtra minister Aditya Thackeray as saying that schools are meant to get education and there should not be a representation of any political, religious thing at the premises.


“I welcome his observation. But want to submit that this rule should not be limited to hijab only,” he said.

He further sought to immediately remove idols of Hindu deities, Dura and Saraswati and stop organising prayers associated to Hindu deities in schools across the country.

“Our children are made to sing durga aarti instead of national anthem. This should be stopped,” he added.


  1. Very good
    Dress code he jar schoo colleges tharwanar asa kayda aahe pan fundamental right che ullanghan honar nahi.
    Hijab babat prashn 75 varsh desh azad zalya nantar ka udbhawala.rss bjp he urkun kadhat aahe.

  2. ” The father of two girls, twelve and eight, wanted his daughters to wear the headscarf as well as a full-sleeved shirt to their school run by the Congregation of the Carmelites of Mary Immaculate under CMI St Joseph Province. A single Bench of the Kerala HC ruled that collective rights of an institution was greater than individual rights of the petitioner.”
    Fathima Tasneem Vs The State of Kerala (2018)
    Where was MuslimMirror when this judgement was passed ??
    This issue is only blowing up bcs it is a BJP ruled state, in 2018 during Left Govt in kerala, no one dared to question it. Kind of shows you clearly where does all these person’s loyalties lie.

  3. Ambedkar was a very loyal servant of British government. He don’t want British to left india and become independent country. He didn’t support quit India movement and always remain speechless on indians issue.

    He himself never seen Indian people as an indian only. He always want separate SC electrols.. he want to separate indian sub continent and want to setup new land with title dalitstan.

    He even didn’t spoke against British government when bangal suffering from great feminine. Lord churchil was a main culprit. He didn’t do anything to save people. Approximately 1 m people died due to feminine. But Ambedkar choose to become loyal to British government.

    Do you know what churchil siad about indians during feminine??

    What Churchill said about Bengal famine?
    “Churchill engineered the Bengal famine in India, 1943. “I hate Indians. They are a beastly people with a beastly religion.” When Indians begged for food, Churchill said it was their fault for “breeding like rabbits”.


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