Ranchi : College topper Nishat Fatima denied degree over wearing burqa at graduation ceremony

Nishat Fatima in burka

By Muslim Mirror Staff

New Delhi :Ethnic cloths are making news in campuses these days. Growing intolerance has already entered the campuses and bizarre rules are being introduced related to  clothes in colleges across the country .

Few days ago leading college in Firozabad district of Uttar Pradesh has banned entry of girl students wearing Islamic hijab or burqa.

The decision comes in the wake of a clash between two student groups.

The management of SRK College has justified the ban saying anti-social elements freely enter the college premises and create trouble. The college administration has also set a dress code for students.

Now a case of Ranchi’s Marwari college in Jharkhand has come up in which a student was not given a degree as she was wearing a burqa.

As per reports,  the over-all best graduate Nishat Fatima, who came to the College to take her degree in graduation ceremony could not get it in the ceremony on Sunday.

Nishat Fatima came wearing a burqa to attend the program. Her name was called for the gold medal at the ceremony as she had to take the medal first. However, at the same time, it was announced that she was not in the dress code fixed by the college, due to which she could not be given a degree in the ceremony.

After which the process of awarding medals and degrees to other toppers was started. Despite the dress code being fixed, Nishat’s father Muhammad Ikramul Haq said that the burqa is included in their tradition.

The dress code was decided by the college in which the male student had to come in a white colored kurta pajama and the female students in a salwar-suit, scarf or sari blouse. For this, the college had already issued a notice.


    • It is Islamic tradition every religions have some tradition like turban beard etc the college staff of all over the democratic countries should respect the religious tradition

    • أهلاً بك مرحبا ماشاء الله و بارك الله فيك يا حبيبيتي قلبي جزاك الله خير الجزاء عن الإسلام

    • Its a very good democracy…… Many a times hindus have not been given the awards & degrees due to their traditional dress codes……. Now it is same for muslims…… And it must be same fr every religion…….. Bcs knowledge must nt be overcome by religion……
      Rule is rule nd mst be same fr all.
      . 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  1. Black Burkha is not ISLAMIC dress code.
    Covering hands and face is also not ISLAM dress code.
    It is required that Muslim start using intelligence.
    Indian Muslim leaders has to protect Muslims of India.
    Degree is Important. Dress code can be customized and yet you will maintain modesty and still be called as a Muslim.

    • Let a woman decide it, right? When someone tells girls to cover then do you guys come up with same logic? No! Of course it’s not Islamic but if someone wants to wear then what’s your problem? Do someone come to you and tell you what you wear is unacceptable and if you do not remove it, you won’t tons of facilities ?

    • You have given Great thought indeed. But the education they pursue remains confined within traditional impractical thoughts. They should come out ot Burkaa and be practical.

      • Burkha is not a dress .if some one who becomes a dr. they will operate with there burkha on, or if sumone becomes pilot ,police,army will they keep there work with burkha .ans will be no. Then why not in colleges rules are same for everyone.rules are not bounded by caste,tradition.its equal for every ppl.if u dont want hurt ur sentiment regarding ur caste keep the black scarf .so easy.

    • Beta Islam ke baarein mein kuch pata toh hai nhi…bara aaya bhokne…Islam ka rule hai ladkiyan parda karke ghume…samjha…jis chiz ke baarein mein pata naa ho uske baarein mein mat bola kar

    • Its islamic tradition…..if u dnt knw anything ant islam den stop judging it….u follow ur religion and let us follow ours….we dont tell u wat to wear and wat not to wear so why r we targeted fr our dress codes…..wat we wear is none of ur buisness…..india is a democratic and secular country……..and education has nthing to do wid the clothes we wear……u people should keep ur nose wer it belongs…..there are a thousands of girls all over the world who are hijabis and are mch more successful…….clothes dont define people….

    • People telling that burkha is not islamic tradition are illiterate. one who never gone through the islamic culture and tradition,dont know the do’s and dont’s in islam are advising us not to wear burkhas
      Quite ironical…
      Shut your mouth up and dont interfere in our religious traditions.
      There are so many NISHAT FATIMA in india and all over who love to follow their religious traditions…
      Otherwise there are a lot of other ways to make you understand this

  2. If college is setting dress code u have to follow and if dn’t want to follow then go to the college on the name of tradition everything will not favour u guys then every relegion started following their traditions culture and religion is two different things for those who r not understanding plz sit in the home

  3. College has done a right thing. There has always been dress code in Schools and Collages and students must follow the tradition, even for special occasions to avoid discrimination!

    • Yup..
      They always scared of sikh and they think enemy of all muslim
      And they like rape but dont like 3 talaq
      They all are andhbhakt and
      Chutiya who understand wrong muslim

  4. Institution has not taken into account religion when declaring topper. Everywhere there is a dress code for uniformity and equality. Even in some govt.services it is followed without any protest. When institution informed in advance one should not take shelter of religion and should follow the directions. Exceptional behavior and act is one’s own choice and perception and should not be encouraged for the shake of religion rather must be seen in the context.

  5. If one nation, one law… then how the Sikhs are using pagdi everywhere..even also in force… and who the hell are you to say us to leave from our country… this country is ours …and we will follow our traditions every where in our country

  6. One must follow the dress code in college you can’nt say i will wear my traditional dress in the college
    The college has taken good decision

  7. Lol. If she will not show her face then how the hell everyone come to know who is the receiver of the award. In school and college had she used her photographs of wearing naqab. If she will get lost somewhere then her family member will show her burqa with naqab photographs to find her. Which type of bigotry and fanaticism are these. These radical Islamists are eating our beloved Bharat. Well we know it very well they are from traitor community. Osama bin laden was also gem in academics but he used his knowledge in destruction. Nothing more u can expect from these peoples.

  8. I think the dress code was modest. So she should wear the prescribed dress code. Suppose she gets selected for civil services exam or for judiciary , will she be in burqa .

  9. Why they forget,That may be there religion is Islam but there culture is still hidustani…
    & If college issued a notice what’s problem to follow it…
    Actually there is a problem in there mentality
    Nothing more than that…

  10. Correct, simply aim to came in light in the name of cast and democratic, it is rediculous. The girl is college topper it shows she is brilliant student..instead of doing these small things..she should concentrate over future and aim and should do right things which will milestones for other girls of India..if she wants to follow rules of his religion..then follow wisely not blindly..rules makes in any religion have proper valid reasons..needs to understand in correct manner..

  11. is this true ??? Does Islam teach that women are under the charge of men?
    Men are in charge of women, according to the words of Muhammad and the Quran.
    Quran (2:223) – “Your wives are as a tilth unto you; so approach your tilth when or how ye will.” Wives are to be sexually available to their husbands in all ways at all times. They serve their husbands at his command. This verse is believed to refer to anal sex (see Bukhari 60:51), and was “revealed” when women complained to Muhammad about the practice. The phrase “when and how you will” means that they lost their case.

    • Ye bilkul sahi kaha aapne lekin iska matlab samajhne ki koshish nahi ki aapne ki ye baat kis sence me kaha gaya hai…Islam me aurat ki izzat mardon se kam hoti to aurat ke pair ke neeche( jannat) swarg aur mard ko (jannat) swarg ka darwaza nhi kaha jata..

  12. Kis ko kya pahanana hai woh usko decide karane ka haq hai. Kisi k upar kuchh jabardasti thopana galat hoga

    Magar woh college k sabhi students k liye ek idol ban chuki thi agar woh apne religious me simat kar rahegi to dusro k liye inspiration kaise banegi?

    Kal woh ias ips banegi aur aap uske pass help lene gaye magar uske koi haav bhaav hi pata na chale to aap satisfy kaise honge??

    Bataiye jara

  13. بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
    This news shows the extreme hypocrisy and oppresion of the shameless bigots in india, May Allah Azzawajal guide to them to Islam. They should desist from such oppression and Dhulm before they are taken to account by Allah Azzawajal on the Day Of Judgement.

  14. Rules ko follow karna beshak achchi baat hai,
    Lekin waisa niyam jo insaniyat means Islam ke khilaf ho uska ullanghan karna behtareen amal hai..
    Kaam wo karna chahie jinse khuda khush, agar is brahmand ko rachne wala aapse eazi hai to sari dunia naaraaz bhi hokar to kya farq padta hai……Kya burqa pahankar as a Doctor logon ki ilaj nhi hota..kya burqa pahan kar logon ki sewa me koi rukavat aati hai…Aisa bilkul bhi nahi hai…Insan ki sonch sirf galat hai…Itne saare rape, balatkar, harrasment aaye din ye sab jo ho raha hai uska sirf ek hi wajah hai ki ladkiya parda nhi karti…jo parda karti hai wo galat logon ki nigahon se door rahti hai…


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