Rebuild Babri masjid, restore secularism – SDPI


unnamed-1By Muslim Mirror News,

New Delhi: Social Democratic Party of India organized nationwide campaign to create awareness about the episode of Babri Masjid demolition by Hindutva fanatics. The party had organized a massive public meet at Khajuri in the national capital, despite resistance from the administration and police department, the programme was concluded peacefully. The public meet was presided over by Party president A Sayeed.

A Sayeed in his address, said secularism is India’s life. The party president urged the present dispensation to fulfil the promise the then prime minister had made to the people of India that is to rebuild the Babri Masjid in the same place, which was demolished by the Hindutwa fanatics. He further said, unless justice is delivered, secularism would continue to undermine in the society. Reiterating his party’s commitment Sayeed said, Social Democratic Party of India is committed to uphold the values of unity in diversity and save secularism.

Vice President Adv. Sharfuddin Ahmad said the entire country is in fear and insecurity due to the rampant goondaism by anti social elements who are enjoying imputing under the present regime. He said, SDPI will continue its fight for justice for Babri Masjid come what may.

Mohammed Shafi slammed the ruling government for it has become a puppet of corporate and is continuing oppression on the common man by introducing anti-people schemes.

The program was attended by a large gathering apart from hundreds of party cadres and members.



  1. Why u people call ur ancestry most fanaticd
    Allahabad highcourt considered mosque was build over destroying temple
    Showing ur great history
    Temple will build there onlys
    Vande mataram

  2. According to Indian muslims, the definition of secularism is “hindus should tolerate injustice made by muslims”. It is a well known fact that babar has destroyed Ram mandir. It is officially proven by Archaeological Survey of India that there was a temple below Babri mosque. This is a biggest scientific proof ever. Still muslims are reluctant to build ram temple.
    We are not against rebuilding babri masjid. We want Ram temple to be built at the original place where it was earlier. I do not get why muslims are opposing it. If muslims help us to build Ram temple then hindus will also build Babri masjid. I think it is golden opportunity for muslims to bring religious harmony.

      • Friend plain truth
        U dont believe kabba was pagan temple which was converted into mosque by mohammad
        When guru can do these then followers willl do the same in whole world
        Aska mosque jerusalam made over jewish solomn temple
        St sophia church converted into mosque istanbul
        Adhai Din Ka Jhonpra ajmer
        Quwwat-ul-Islam mosques both build by dismantling hindu and jain temples
        Katara masjid mathura
        Gyanvapi masjid varanasi alamgir masjid varanasitill now stand on main temple
        Can u tell any reason why mosque named as janamstan masjid at ayodhya
        Gyanvapi masjid at varanasi
        Both names are sanskrit and muslim not preferr to name them in urdu
        This shows the mentality of muslims and their hero

        Archeological team digging at ayodhya site consist both hindu and muslims even the labour working their consist of both hindu and muslims bcoz of same reason as present by u
        At that time this problem present by muslim party involved in case
        What about islam means peace
        All jokes u muslim lie throughout world
        U want americans they r more loyal to work they will nude u and ur history of peace of 700 yrs in india

  3. Send Muslims to homeland which they created for themselves out of India At least Indians or Hindus have moral and ethical rights to ask muslim to move to Pakistan. Haryana CM, Maharashtra CM, Governors and many MPs have so far politely asked muslims to go home where their relatives are. A little push in 1947 could have sent all Muslims to Pakistan. But Gandhi who died for Pakistan wantrd to look statesman and Nehru wanted muslim in india for vote bank politics and for his family. It does not mean it is legal for Muslims to stay. The problem for muslim migration now is not india, Modi may start a free one way ticket for family scheme. The problem is Punjabi establishment of Pakistan who will never ever accept non punjabi speaking Muslims. Even today, Punjabi speaking migrants of 1947 are accepted as full Pakistani but urdu speaking are not at least by Sindhis , Bulochis or by Pashtuns.


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