RSS poster boy Tarek Fatah thrashed by students in Punjab

Tarek Fatah being beaten up by students of Punjab University.
Tarek Fatah being beaten up by students of Punjab University.
Tarek Fatah being beaten up by students of Punjab University.

By MM News,

Chandigarh: Tarek Fatah the Canadian citizen of Pakistani origin who is the darling of certain Indian news channels was thrashed by students from Panjab University after he made derogatory comments on few students here on Thursday.

Fatah a known Muslim basher had been invited to deliver a talk on Balochistan. After the fracas, the organisers called off his talk, scheduled for Thursday.

Gagandeep Singh Dhillon, a PhD scholar in geography, was quoted by Indian Express, “I was sitting at the physics canteen when Tarek came and began an informal interaction with students. We were discussing yesterday’s Nagrota terror attack. When he was talking to us, the department librarian came. When the students rose to show respect, Tarek told them, ‘Indians need to stop giving such treatment to their seniors’.

Dhillon said Tarek mocked at the librarian and asked him to tell the students to sit. Immediately, an altercation ensued. Among those arguing was Mustafa, a PhD scholar from Kargil. “Tarek was saying, ‘He would not stand up for his own father, why are you all standing up for this person’. When I objected, he told me, ‘Hey you gori chamdi, where are you from?’ When Mustafa replied, Tarek allegedly responded with ‘You’re a Pakistani terrorist, you’re an anti-national’.”

Also, Tarek allegedly told Dhillon, “You are a Khalistani.”

Another PhD student Ganeshwari said when she asked Tarek his opinion about her, he said, “You are the real patriot because of your religion.”


  1. Indians should understand that a person who is not loyal to his own birth place, why he will be loyal to India.

    Tarek Fateh is a snake. Use him and lose him

    • Well said, Ravi. When he asked for “Indian citizenship”, the same thing crossed my mind. You are not stable, trustworthy, or “asset”. India does not have any bed in its “weirdo”, aka, “psycho” hospitals. Go back to your birthplace or “afterlife”.

  2. Indians should not take this snake Tarek Fateh seriously.
    He is not loyal to his own Birth place, why he will be loyal to India.
    He does not deserve to step in our universities

    • Yes. I am sure you don’t apply the loyalty factor to him alone. In that case India was ruled by an Italian x-waitress for 10 long years. Good?

  3. TF is writer and is free to have his opinions. If people have disagreements then manhandling is not the way, it puts whole univ in spot.
    People opposing him for islam should put forth facts about islam. The kashmiri who beat him actually proved him right about kashmiris.

  4. Pity on you MuslimMirror. You found Mr. Fatah your enemy who is trying hard to educate Muslims so that they can be prevented from being radicalised. Your publication is also in same agenda, most of other Muslim print. Yours is not MuslimMirror but MuslimMirage.

  5. You guys mentioned only Tarek Fatah’s comments but what about students? Their univerdity only invited to speak.. completely wrong..u should not do it anymore.

  6. Come on you jokers, that picture is clearly morphed. You guys will believe anything. And the source says it all. Muslim Mirror…haha…grow up.

    • India today: A young engineer, whose innovation was appreciated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi at Indian Science Congress last year, was arrested on Thursday for printing fake Rs 2,000 notes worth Rs 42 lakh in Punjab’s town of Mohali.

      Abhinav Verma was arrested along with accomplices — his cousin Vishakha Verma and Ludhiana-

      • And he was arrested and sent to jail. Unlike a terrorist like burhaan or afjal , no demonstration took place by any community in support of him.

  7. Tarek Fatah never speak against Hindusthan, he always speak about Indias Victry.His big problem is he cant speak lies ,he always speaks true story..I dont know The spoiled child is youngster or gangster ,The students of punjab university didn’t learned how to behave with senior.If he know anything better than Tarek Fatah then he should reply to Mr Tarek Fatah with Pen and NoteBook but unfortunately he is going to join ISIS recently we will get the news that the student become a terrorist and declare jehad against humanity.If we get his fathet then we will treat his father same Then the student will realise that what the wrong he did.the stupid students no nothing about the RSS..
    In Asam a poor muslim student stood first in 10th board Exam under RSS organised school.RSS bears all expenses of this student..Ara haramkhor majhab to bad mein aygi pahla to apna batan ko payr koro..Hindusthan ko to apna Maa bolna sikho pahla..
    Hindusthan Jindabad

  8. Problem is that he talks the truth.Ask yourself which religion teaches to kill Kafirs. Which religion has a Prophet who had multiple wives, slept with child bride, taught hate? You have the answers.

  9. Indians always stand up for seniors….but Indians do not mind beating up an old man? …No control over emotions? What a sick behavior by these students, challenge him with your arguments, and present facts….do not be rowdyish, it shows your class, the lack of it.

  10. this is the best news of 2016. RSS is imported this Non sense from Canada to teach Indian Muslims. But very sorry your imported teacher dose not respects his father and elders, giving lecture on nationalism.


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