RSS to boost immunity in children with Vedic period Ayurvedic medicine


Lucknow: The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) has taken the initiative to popularise ‘Suvarna Prashan’, an Ayurvedic medicine which was adopted in the Vedic period, and now by the people of Uttar Pradesh to increase the immunity in children before the expected third wave of the Covid-19 pandemic hits the state.

This move by the RSS is being seen as an attempt to popularise the ancient knowledge of Ayurveda. This campaign being spearheaded by the Sangh is seen as a strategy to establish itself on the ground by going door-to-door before the 2022 Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections.

Amid the impending

possibility of the third wave of Covid-19, the Sangh’s subsidiary organisation Arogya Bharati has been spearheading this campaign ‘Do Boond Immunity’ to increase immunity in children. Under this campaign, a special medicine will be given to children aged between 1 to 16 years in a particular constellation.

S.N. Shankhwar, King’s George Medical University (KGMU) Chief Medical Officer and Metropolitan President of Arogya Bharati, said that all preparations for the campaign have been completed and it will be launched on August 7.

Shankhwar said ‘Suvarna Prashan’ has been given a lot of importance in Ayurveda and prescribing it in a particular constellation ‘Pushya Nakshatra’ increases the immunity of children at a fast rate. He said that in eastern UP districts which were affected by Japanese Encephalitis, children were given ‘Suvarna Prashan’ medicine which yielded good results.

Another RSS official said, “This medicine has been specially ordered from Gujarat. ‘Suvarna Prashan’ has been coined by combining two words ‘Swarna’ which means gold and ‘Prashan’ meaning licking. Apart from Swarna Bhasma in ‘Suvarna Prashan’, many other Ayurvedic medicines like Kesar, Shankhpushpi, Shariba, Balghrit, Guduchi, Sarasava, honey and cow’s ghee are used. Although this Suvarna Prashan is given to children from birth till 16 years in every Pushya Nakshatra but it can also be prescribed for children above 16 years.”

Shankhwar said, “This campaign will start from August 7 and will run till June 4, 2022. Under this campaign, the time and days have been fixed according to the period of the constellation.”

“A total of 27 constellations have been listed in astrology, out of which some constellations are considered auspicious and several others inauspicious. Pushya is the 8th nakshatra among the 27 nakshatras. Pushya Nakshatra is considered very auspicious. Lord Ram was born in this constellation. When this Nakshatra falls on Thursday and Sunday of the week, then a ‘Mahayog’ is formed on this day. When Pushya Nakshatra falls on Thursday, it is called Guru-Pushya Yog and when it falls on Sunday, it is called Ravi-Pushya Yog. The Lord of these constellations is Brihaspati Dev.”-IANS


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