Ruling party not only silent on hate speech but endorsing it: Ex-Supreme Court judge

Fali Nariman

By Muslim Mirror Staff

Addressing a webinar, former Supreme Court judge Justice Rohinton Fali Nariman raised his strong concern over hate speeches and calls for genocide of Muslims in the country.

“Unfortunately, we have the other higher echelons of the ruling party not only being silent qua hate speech but otherwise endorsing them”, he said.

In his speeches, he called for withdrawal of the sedition and hailed Mughal emperor Akbar. Commenting on BJP chief JP Nadda’s reference to Aurangzeb, he said,

“We heard the other day from the very head of the party a juxtaposition of a Mogul emperor known for being a bigot, namely Aurangzeb, as against Shivaji who was known to be a secular leader. If, as a matter of fact, fraternity is a cardinal value in our Constitution and you want to engage persons in becoming a brotherhood, I would have thought that you should have chosen Mogul emperors such as Babar or his grandson Akbar. Akbar was famous for being perhaps the most secular ruler that any nation has ever known at any point of time and he took after his grandfather Babar.”

Justice Nariman further read out a letter written by Babar to his son Humayun one year before his death. He praised the letter, in which Babar had asked Humayun to refrain from “sacrifice” of cow, to win the hearts of people of Hindustan and also not damage temples and places of worship.


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