Russia will not allow anti-Islam media, Peskov says


Kremlin spokesman says publications similar to Charlie Hebdo in France ‘absolutely impossible’ in Russia

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov ruled out for Russia the publication of offensive caricatures on Islam.

“The existence of such a media in our country is absolutely impossible, including in terms of current legislation,” Peskov said.

“Russia is partly a Muslim country, there are up to 20 million Muslims in Russia, and in Russia, where, of course, the fundamental religion is Christianity – most of all we have Christians living here – the uniqueness of our country is precisely in its multi-ethnic and multi-religious nature, and all faiths live in full respect for each other.”

His remarks came after a scandal that was provoked by French magazine, Charlie Hebdo, which published cartoons on Islam, hurting the feelings of millions of Muslims.

The publications of the cartoons have sparked a wave of anger and protests across the Islamic world as well as campaigns to boycott French products.

_AA, Elena Teslova



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