S.R.H Fahmi Consul (Community Welfare) visited Madinah


unnamedBy Muslim Mirror News,

President of All India Education Committee, Madinah (AIEC), President of Kokan Council Foundation (KCF) and senior member of Kokan Committee Madinah (KCM), brother Duste Mojibullah Omar welcomed and thanks to S.R.H Fahmi Consul (Community Welfare), community heads, business tycoons and others, he addressed the current activities, issues of Madina communities specially in education and introduced the activities of KCF/KCM to the audience and specially to the welfare section of consulate.


He presented Taraqiyati schemes book which was published by KCF and explained to all the different communities heads which was published and free distributed to all communities in India and specially in Kokan.

He also gave KCF pamphlet and expressed them the activities in details.

All the participants listened carefully and asked several questions to the brother Mojibullah for which he gave satisfactory answers, and the feedback is like Kerala’s elite people invited him for the same kind of activities to introduce in Kerala such as Coaching Classes for scholarship to prepare our young generation for educational competition and be ready for any competitive exams/situation till they have their successful carriers starts on a pattern of Ideal Education Movement, Mumbai (IED) served.

S.R.H Fahmi Consul (Community Welfare) also visited the Kokan House with AIEC/KCF president and put his feedback as per attached.

GMKC book published Kitab Al Risala was also presented to S.R.H Fahmi Consul (Community Welfare) for which he appreciated the good job done as these kind of books are rarely available in the market to reduce the fiqahi illiteracy.

Today Kokan Committee Madinah KCM is registered at Consulate General India Jeddah (CJIJ) and the registration number is #63, congratulations to KCM.

To all communities and special kokanees are humbly requested to join KCF please visit www.kokancouncil.org and obtain membership to uplift the young/new generation as bright and helpful, fruitful returns to the kokanees.

Abid Imam Khawar


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