Sanjay Raut attaks PM Modi, says ‘India will break like Russia’

Sanjay Raut

By Muslim Mirror News,

New Delhi: In a scathing attack on PM Modi , Shiv Sena’s Rajya Sabha MP and senior leader Sanjay Raut has accused the Prime Minister of ‘destabilizing state governments and in such a situation, India will break like Russia’.

BJP has retaliated by expressing displeasure over this article of Shiv Sena leader.

In an article printed in Saamna, Sanjay Raut wrote, ‘The government does not have money. It has money to topple governments to win elections. If our Prime Minister is getting good sleep at night in this situation, he should be praised.

Remind here that in the past, BJP leader Kailash Vijayvargiya had made a sensational disclosure saying that Prime Minister Modi had made a special effort to overthrow the Kamal Nath government of Congress in Madhya Pradesh.

Pointing towards the same, Raut said, “What if our Prime Minister is taking special interest in destabilizing state governments?” Blocked Mumbai’s metro for political arrogance.

If the central government does not realize that we are harming people for political gains, then it will not take much time for the broken state of Russia to happen in our country.

Attacking the central government, Raut has written – ‘Chinese soldiers entered the border of our country in 2020’. Occupied our lands. We could not push the Chinese troops back, but a new rod of nationalism was used to divert attention from the crisis.

The boycott of Chinese goods and Chinese investment was promoted. If instead of curbing Chinese investment, China’s military would have been pushed back, nationalism would have shone brighter. ‘


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