Saudi embassy in Delhi accused of minting money from job seekers for ‘document senitization’

Indian workers Saudi Arabia.( A file photo.)

By Muslim Mirror Correspondent

New Delhi: While the danger of the coronavirus pandemic has significantly diminished, the Saudi embassy in new Delhi allegedly takes “extra precautionary safety measures” – all at the cost of the poor labourers who are made to pay extra amounts for document senitization. Interestingly, the Saudi Consulate in Mumbai is not doing any such things under  the Covid-19 protocols.


“We don’t expect such an unfair deal from the Saudi embassy . We hope the Saudi government will take notice and stop it at the earliest,”  said Javed, an electrician who had to go through a document senitization process in New Delhi.

According to sources, the centers approved by Saudi embassy are charging 1000-1500 INR for a person travelling to the Kingdom for any purpose in the name of document senitization. They charge Rs 450 for the passport and Rs 90 for each paper for sanitization , which gave a hint of a huge scam under the patronage of the Saudi embassy, New Delhi in the name of passport/visa sanitization.

“We had to pay Rs 3,500 extra for document senitization,” said Tabassum who was going to Saudi Arabia with her husband and three children.

Almost 150-200 job seekers go to Saudi Arabia daily from Delhi,  all of them have to get their passports/ documents sensitized  by senitization centers assigned by the Saudi embassy.

Saudi Arabia is known for its charity work across the globe specially in Muslim countries, but its Indian diplomats are allegedly involved in extracting money from poor labourers without the knowledge of the Saudi government, said a source.  Some travellers say the Saudi embassy in  New Delhi is strange. It is disgusting and an open case of corruption.

Notably, it’s scientifically proven that the Covid virus doesn’t infect papers. It thrives only on live cells of human beings. That’s why no Embassy/Consulate including US or European countries made document senitization mandatory and no  such “Covid-19” protocols are being imposed by any embassies/high commissions situated in Delhi.

Repeated calls by the Muslim Mirror to the Saudi embassy in Delhi went unattended.


  1. All responsible staff must be sacked with due inquiry from saudi govt. The corruted one should handed over to indian govt for legsl action immediately.

  2. If it comes to the notice of Crown Prince MBS, who never tolerates or allows such things.
    Ever since PRINCE MBS has taken over the reins in the country. Such things are strictly prohibited

  3. It’s the most corrupt embassy in the country and entire staff from top to bottom is engaged in corruption.They have “outsourced” the corruption department to some travel agents who are basically their money collecting agents which charge huge sums from the applicants and also from the authorised recruiting agencies.Its the den of corruption where you can get any job done by paying money.Its a scar on the face of the Holy country.


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