SDPI decries Madhu Kishwar’s allegations against Muslim universities over ‘Jihadi’ curriculum


By Muslim Mirror Staff

The Social Democratic Party of India have decried the demand of right-wing elements including Prof Madhu Kishwar to ban the alleged “Jihadi Islamic” curriculum being taught at three universities, Jamia Millia Islamia, Aligarh Muslim University and Jamia Hamdard.


In an open letter, Kishwar and other right-wing intellectuals have underscored that the three varsities have “an anti-Indic/anti-national” course curriculum as part of the undergraduate and post graduate study programs in their Departments of Islamic Studies. They also alleged that the “never ending violent attacks” on Hindu society, culture and civilization are a direct outcome of such teachings.

Reacting to the same, SDPI national secretary Faisal Izzudheen said, “the imagined scenario-building reflects a clear bias and anti-Muslim and anti-democratic attitude.” He said that Prof Kishwar’s claims amount to labelling allegations against the Hon’ble Presidents of India as he is the visitors of central universities including Jamia Millia and Aligarh Muslim University.


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