SDPI to launch nationwide campaign against fasicst forces


Curfew imposed in Jamshedpur after clashes, riot, fire, police, communal tensionBy Muslim Mirror News,

New Delhi: In the wake of shrinking space of democracy and tolerance in the country, the Social Democratic Party of India has announced of launching a nationwide campaign against ‘communal terror’ billed as ‘On Your Feet, Not On Your Knees” from December 10 to 30, 2015.


Announcing this, SDPI said on Thursday that the campaign is meant to highlight attacks on minorities, weaker sections of the society as well as on intelligentsia and writers. The campaign also meant to unite the people to fight communal forces which are trying to disturb and destabilize the country.

The party feels that the whole nation should come together in the fight against ‘communal terrorism’ what it termed patronized by the BJP-led NDA government at the Center.

It alleges that the Modi regime has fallen short of creative agenda in a very short time and is now in the grip of Hindutva extremists.

The socio-political situation of our country is growing vulnerable day by day. BJP MPs, Central Minister, Chief Ministers of BJP ruled states and even governors appointed by the NDA Government are openly making controversial statements which are undermining the Constitution and secular fabric of the country.

After coming to power, the Modi government’s agenda of development turned into agenda of hate. The continuing onslaught of hate and murder in the name of religion and culture is creating unprecedented divisions in the society. The tentacles of communal politics are now curbing the fundamental freedoms; freedom to say what you want; freedom to write what you want; freedom to eat what you like. A minuscule group with its own ludicrous notions about food wants to impose up on others their ludicrous notions about food and animal husbandry.

SDPI hopes that writers, artists, cultural activists, scientists, intellectuals and other people will join in the campaign as the government utterly failed to protect freedom of expression and religious intolerance.

By returning awards and prizes, the intelligentsia has made a loud statement that they won’t allow fascists forces to convert India in to an authoritarian rule. Bihar assembly election also has a clear message to the present rulers who allegedly want to turn the country into a fascist regime.

SDPI said the inaugural programme of ‘on your feet, not on your knees’ campaign will be launched in Bangalore on December 10. Campaign includes several programmes like public meetings, seminars, corner meetings, street dramas, posters, leaflets, different types of poetical and musical programmes. It will also organize Parliament March on December 20 to attract the attention of lawmakres.


  1. Ya ya ya. We all know what SDPI is all about. Radical Islam is a threat to entire world. India have to take special measures as muslims constitutes 14% of India.


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