Second fire occurs at Rohingya camp within days

Fire at Rohingya camp in Bangladesh

DHAKA : A second fire in less than a week occurred Sunday in cramped Rohingya settlements in Bangladesh’s southern district of Cox’s Bazar, according to authorities.

The fire started at about 1 a.m. (GMT1900) at the Kutupalang Rohingya refugee camp, the largest of total 34 camps.

“Around 20 shanties including mosques have been gutted by the fire while the blaze spread to more than one hundred tents,” according to Ukhia News.

No injuries were reported, it added, citing local fire station official Mohammad Imdadul Islam.

On-duty officer at the Cox’s Bazar District Fire Services office told Anadolu Agency that seven shanties were destroyed while others sustained damage.

“Two units of fire services rushed to the spot on information instantly and doused the fire with the help of Rohingya camp dwellers,” he said.

Rohingya resident Rahmat Karim told Anadolu Agency that more than 20 tents, including camp-based small mosques, were damaged. “Dozens of other close tents have been partly damaged,” he said.

More than 670 makeshift dwellings for refugees at the same camp were damaged Tuesday in a deadly fire. AA


  1. May Allah protect the poor and destitute from RSS hate-monger mischief..
    Allah swt is the Almighty creator of the infinite Universe as well as the novel deadly Corona and the earthquakes…

    • This incidence has happened in Dhaka.. where RSS comes into picture? You people are used to criticize RSS for everything.
      You should criticize Banghadeshi people for such treatment to Rohingya..

  2. Just checking whether RSS trolls are as active in Muslim-hating or sleeping!

    Thanks to God, you are still awake in Divine Corona calamity.

    But you see, my Indian Muslim brethren are all still sleeping….

    Yes, I criticise Bangladeshis as well, as Islam does not allow human discrimination or racism.

    And Rohingya are hard-working people, they will happily do all the menial, scavenging and physical labour to help your economy too! So god gives infinite Blessings in return for being kind to the displace, oppressed, grieving refugee human beings.
    The divine truth is ”We are all children of Adam and Eve”, even my misguided RSS friends.

    • First teach humanity to 53 Islamic countries. Why can’t they accommodate all Rohingyas? Why you people always try to place muslims in India? India is not Dharmashala.. These Rohingyas have history of terrorist activities..


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