2019 Election : Secular Front must accommodate Kanahya Kumar in Bihar

Kanahya Kumar

By SM Anwar Hussain

It is really very saddening to learn that Kanahya Kumar is not being entertained by the secular gatbandhan in Bihar. I have heard that he is keen to contest Parliamentary election from somewhere in Bihar as CPI candidate. CPI is of course no more a political force in Bihar to reckon with. But Kanahya Kumar must not be seen merely as CPI comrade by any political party. As president of JNU Students’ Union, he had written a new history in the struggle and fight against the fascist forces not only in India but against all those who have been fanning hatred against Muslims and spreading Islamophobia across the glob by the United States of America and Israel.


Kanahya is not simply seen as a student activist, he has become an icon of freedom against all types of injustices and discrimination. When the country was dumbstruck against the repressive regime of Narendra Modi, he was the first one to raise his voice against the ever increasing fascist tendency of this ghastly regime.From the campus to the court and from the court to the jail he was the boldest and most articulate voice of rationalism.

Secularism and freedom from all kinds of repression and political vices. Kanahya should not be treated as an individual .He is an embodiment of all progressive and liberal voices in the country and a movement in himself. He is a boy who took lead in creating political awareness among youths and masses against the misdeeds of the blackest regime in India. A vast majority of youths, right activists , intellectuals, writers, Independent journalists, thinkers and the real secular forces of the country are with him . He is the darling of those who want to see India back on the Nehruvian secular and socialist political path.

Those who claim to believe in secular polity and want to see India as ‘unity in diversity’ should welcome Kanahya with open arms . No body should treat him as a future threat for himself or his kin’s political future. Of course India needs him. People who want freedom from poverty , freedom from unemployment, freedom from rape, freedom from mob lynching, freedom from dogmatism, freedom from hate, freedom from RSS, freedom from “Pulwama Conspiracy”, freedom from surgical strikes and freedom from non- military strikes just before any major elections , freedom from corporate sector hegemony , freedom from the Modi Media, freedom from sold out press barons , freedom from those who can amass black money in foreign banks in the name of bringing them back to national coffers , freedom from those who can put our defence at risk by indulging in the unprecedented corruption in Rafale Deal , freedom from those who are hell bent to politicise our most non political armed forces ,and freedom from those who can push the country into nuclear war just to win an election, freedom from those who can play with the Constitution, freedom from those who can try to influence Election Commission ,freedom from those who want Judiciary to take orders from Nagpur, freedom from those who want to snatch from tribals their all ancestral belongings, freedom from those who do not give Dalits their right place and finally freedom from those who are hatching conspiracies to a have Muslim and Islam-mukt Bharat ,are all behind Kanahya. It will be a big shock for secular and liberal minds of India if Kanahya is blocked from contesting an election by secular parties itself.

Kanahya should not be seen in the background of cast politics of Bihar. He is neither a Bhumihar, nor an OBC , nor a Dalit. He is neither a communist of Stalin brand nor an advocate of naxalism and any bloody revolution . He is voice and soul of Present Indian consciousness . If RJD is not able to accommodate him due to reasons best known to its stalwarts, Congress should extend a magnanimous hand towards him, adopt him and allot him a seat like Kishanganj or Darbhanga. Young India will support him and back him. They are not going to judge him on the basis of cast and creed but for his principles that he stands for. He should also be ready to come out from the confines of CPI and be an strong arm of Rahul Gandhi who is continuously taking cudgels with Hindutva in the garb of , sometimes , soft Hindutva which should be treated merely an election strategy and need of the time. Muslims of Kishanganj are ready to sacrifice their sectarian interest over their national interest.

Kanahya ! come forward, file your nominations, from any constituency with a party banner or without and contest election .Secular India is with you. And the vast majority of India is still secular , broad minded and peace loving in spite of RSS untiring efforts to poison their minds since long.

With folded hands I would also request all the secular parties not to impose upon Muslims such minority candidates who don’t have any track record of serving their own people, raising their issues , fighting for them, trying to build a bridge between the marginalised Muslim community and their Party. All the recognised Muslim political faces for last 30 years have done nothing for the community nor could create a sustainable space in politics for them. It is too painful to know or believe that a tall Muslim politician who himself remained the member of Lok Sabha thrice and twice a central Minister, had to pay Rs. four crore just to get an assembly seat for his son in last election. One had to pay, as the gossip goes on social media, rupees ten crore and some medical seat to get a Rajya Sabha ticket. Such tactics are killing genuine Muslim leadership. In 2019 many of self-styled parties are our compulsion not the choice. But the next election these secular parties who do not mend their ways will face a joint rebellion from all the marginalized sections of the society. In this election our priority is to restore the true social and secular fabric of India. Next time we will have a crushing defeat for those who have been exploiting people’s innocence and ignorance!


The author is ex- president AMU Students’Union.


  1. A statesman even in his young age.
    Kanhaiyya should contest on his own, if the Congress does not field him!
    Rahul is playing petty politics both with AAP and with Kanhaiyya, even though we are ready to forgive his party for neglecting Muslims and having tacit EVM understanding with BJP……provided he learns from his mistakes and humbly corrects himself.
    Otherwise AAP with Bahujan Dalit and Muslim leadershop should field strong educated candidates in all states.I am sure it can win a significant number of seats..to be part of a coalition with Congress…

    • We don’t have to sacrifice anything. The quote from the post, “Secular India is with you. And the vast majority of India is still secular, broad-minded and peace-loving in spite of RSS untiring efforts to poison their minds since long.” sounds empty drums if we look @ the federal reports produced for Shastri (Zakaria), Indira (Gopal) and Singh(Sachar) covering 4-decades are very close, namely, Muslims/Dalits are, have been, and shall be, if not corrected soon @ the bottom by a big margin. Believe me, BJP/RSS has now big money generated in ME, US, UK, and elsewhere for Modi to win. May God save those who are poor, farmers, minorities, and might be killed by their “chowkidars” who bragged @ a “conference” that “Ganesh head” was a marvel of plastic/miro and other sciences are known t from ancient times to Another 5 years to BJP/Congress will not better it. But combined inclusive resolve will, as they did in the past, e.g., GTR, IR, aj Mahal, Qutub Minar, among many. Modi might erect another for Godse.

      • Valid comment and good understanding of the condition as usual.
        In reality indian muslims third largest populated are in ignorance of international/national political conditions(majority).worring thing is they are in non communicable condition.
        God has to show mercy on them.

        • As a professional I found Muslims have good basic manufacturing skills even I found rare skills in them.
          We need institutions to promote their skills to meet international standards also needs to create awareness.
          I hope everyone knows India is lacking in manufacturing and is a biggest hurdle of this country.
          Muslims needs platform and who is going to make its a big question!


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