Secular parties should stop considering Muslims as ‘untouchables’, say former office bearers of AMUSU


By Muslim Mirror Staff

New Delhi: While political parties are gearing up for Uttar Pardesh Assembly election 2021, former office bearers of the Aligarh Muslim University Students’ Union have also started their preprations.

While addressing the press during a meeting on growing intolerance and hate towards the Muslims of the country at the Constitution Club, New Delhi, on Saturday, the former office bearers of the AMUSU said that while most of the parties want Muslim votes, they are “suffering from a virus called the soft Hindutva”, which leads towards the destruction of Constitutional values and Democracy.

Former Member of Parliament and former AMUSU office bearer, Mohammad Adeeb said, “We won’t fall into the traps of the secular parties anymore, we will hold them accountable. If they don’t unite against the hate, we will choose not to vote for them”.

“These secular parties are afraid of BJP’s agenda, they can speak about Dalits and not Muslims,” he said.

He said that the present government had ignored the constitution while the secular parties only care for themselves.
“These parties want Muslim votes but unfortunately, they can’t stand with Muslims,” he said.

“If they remain quiet while we are being killed, we will have to take some action against it too,” Adeeb said.

While answering a question about RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat’s meetings with Muslims, Adeeb said that he should tell his people not to kill Muslims before holding such meetings.

“He should tell his own people to stop inflicting violence on Muslims, as it’s against the principles of Hinduism,” Adeeb said, adding that Bhagwat does the opposite.

Advocate Zaid K Faizan criticised the Samajwadi Party (SP) and said that the the secular parties should contest elections on the agendas of common people which include inflation, hate intolerance and violence, anti-farm laws etc.

“These secular parties should stop using religion as an agenda,” he said.

He also said that if these secular parties continue to ignore Muslims they will start joining Muslim orientated parties like Assaduddin Owaisi’s AIMIM.

“It won’t be a good thing for the interest of the country,” he said, adding that India is a diverse country which is home to many communities who want to live in harmony.

The former office bearers of AMUSU are going to hold more meetings like this across Uttar Pradesh.


  1. When they supported the so called ” secular minority ” votebank i.e. Muslims, no body or person ever raised any objection.
    But when it shifted from minority to mass appeal politics, then these people have a problem.
    My honest suggestion is that first Muslims should start behaving like truly secular people. People are not fools when they see the kind of special treatment Muslims demand and blackmail people to browbeat them and keep supporting their demands.
    The only solution for Muslims to stop living in glory ruling days and start emulating the Jains or the Parsis.
    Or as a matter of fact, even the Dawwodi Bohras who are probably the most prosperous Muslim group in India mainly due to their focus on education, modernity, sensitivity and resourcefulness.

  2. Stop treating people of other faiths as Kufirs.
    Also, stop treating them as Wajib al-Qatl (obliged to be killed).
    After that, talk about secularism and peace and Ganga-Jamuni Tehzeeb.
    Maybe, then even the BJP will want to join hands with you.


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