Sedition case filed against Samajwadi MP for his remarks on Taliban


By Muslim Mirror Staff

New Delhi: The Uttar Pradesh Police have registered a sedition case against Samajwadi Party MP Shafiqur Rehman Barq on a complaint filed by BJP leader Rajesh Singhal in connection with his remarks on the Taliban.

“A case was registered late last night against Shafiqur Rahman Barq and two others for provocative comments about the Taliban. The complainant said the Taliban was compared to Indian freedom fighters and their victory was celebrated,” Charkhesh Mishra, the Superintendent of Police in Chambhal district, said in a video statement released today.

“The Taliban is a terrorist organisation as per the Indian government and this (the alleged remarks) can be counted as sedition. We have filed an FIR (first information report),” he added.

Mishra’s comment is purportedly not reflective of the Indian government’s stand. It has started communicating with Taliban leaders and has not referred to the group as a ”terrorist organisation” in recent days. Considering these facts is important as many countries are changing their policies on the Taliban as the group has taken control of Afghanistan.

According to ANI, Barq had said, ”when India was under British rule, the country fought for freedom. Now Taliban wants to free their country & run it. Taliban is a force that did not allow even strong countries like Russia & America to settle in their country.”

Following the registration of the case, he said he was quoted out of context and he was with the Indian government’s policies.

“I didn’t make any such statement (comparing Taliban with Indian freedom fighters). My statement has been misinterpreted. I’m a citizen of India, not of Afghanistan… so I’ve no business with what is happening there. I support my government’s policies,” he was quoted by ANI.


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