Sedition charges against a patriot Muslim

By Dr. Aslam Abdullah

Delhi police registered a case of sedition against Dr. Zafarul Islam Khan under Indian Penal Code sections 124 A (sedition) and 153 A, the chairman of the Delhi Minority Commission. The Police charged him with promoting enmity between different groups on grounds of religion, race, place of birth, residence, language, etc., and for doing acts prejudicial to maintenance of harmony.

Delhi Police that comes under the central home ministry run in a mafia-style by once jailed Amit Shah took action based on a tweet published by Dr. Zafrul Islam

In the tweet, deleted later, Dr. Khan thanked the parliamentarians of Kuwait for taking a stand against the Hindutva bigots. He explained in the tweet that the Arab and the Muslim world appreciates the contribution of Indian Muslims to Muslim intellectual thoughts. He also praised the Muslim community for not taking their grievances against the bigots and hate mongers who claim to represent Hindutva forces in India to the Muslim world.

His praise of the statement disturbed the home ministry that alerted the Hindutva forces represented by the RSS and the BJP to file an FIR against the chairman.

What Dr. Khan wrote is rational and genuine. Muslim Indians under the BJP have suffered worst since the independence of the country. The ruling elites representing Hindutva forces have supported and encouraged parliamentarians, and party workers to bark at Muslims loudly and violently. They did not spare even a non-political group, the Tablighi Jamat from their poisonous propaganda against Muslims and Islam. They targetted the Jamat members and accused them of spreading coronavirus in the country deliberately to destroy the country. They called for the boycott of Muslim businesses and they shouted slogans shoot them because they are traitors.

The RSS and the BJP have unleashed an unprecedented attack on Muslims of India, noticed by the world all over. Not only the Arab world but the Western world has expressed its dismay over the lynching, and other violent acts against Muslims.

The RSS and the BJP have a significant presence in the Middle East. They have used the business opportunities in the Gulf to support the Hindutva ideology that promotes hatred against Islam and Muslims through social media and secret paramilitary training camps organized under the name of religious gatherings in temples and other places.

The RSS and BJP have designs to enhance their political influence in the Gulf to ensure that the upcoming leadership in the area succumb to the interests of the Hindutva forces.

The statements issued by the Kuwaiti parliamentarians and other prominent individuals in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar were an acknowledgment of the reality that the Hindutva forces have infiltrated the Gulf society and may pose a danger to their security.

Dr. Zafar rightly appreciated the statements in solidarity of Muslims in India and applauded the efforts to restrain the Hindutva forces in the Gulf the same way as millions of Indians, Hindus included, have stood against the RSS led Hindutva ideology.

The RSS is a nefarious group of people who believe in violence. This organization was banned twice in India for its anti-national activities. Its members openly praise the murderer of Gandhi and advocate violence against Muslims and Christians.

The RSS and its outfits are said to be responsible for targetted violence against Christian, Sikh, Buddhist, and Muslim communities.

The attempt by the political elite to silence any opposition to the Hindutva forces is not only to intimidate Muslims but to crush any voice of dissent. The Hindutva forces want to consolidate their political power and crush all opposition to become the dominant power in Asia subjugating the gulf states and forcing others to serve Hindutva interests.

Dr. Zafarul Islam has stood for the pluralistic values of Islam and championed secularism like his father. Maulana Waheedudin Khan, a prolific writer on Islam. Like millions of Indians, he is opposed to Hindutva ideology and consider it a threat to national security.

He is being punished by the RSS supporters for taking a stand against bigotry and religious hatred.

7 thoughts on “Sedition charges against a patriot Muslim

  1. The charges leveled against him can be charged against many from the ruling party. The list will be endless.

  2. Its a really sad day for Indian democracy…. Double standards every where… They will only learn when majority of Indians are sent back to India… from Middleeast and the Arab world

  3. Dr Zafrul Islam Khan never deleted the tweet. A message is circulating by him that he stands by his tweet. Here is the text of the msg:
    Tweet not deleted, I stand by it
    It has been erroneously reported in a section of media that I have apologised for the tweet and deleted it. I have not apologised for the tweet and have not deleted it. I have apologised not for the tweet itself but because it was ill-timed and insensitive in the midst of a medical emergency faced by our country. The tweet is very much there on my twitter handle and facebook page. Moreover, I have said in my 1 May 2020 statement that I stand by my views and convictions. I will continue, now and in future, the fight against hate politics in the country. FIRs, arrests and imprisonments do not change this path which I have chosen consciously to save my country, my people and the Indian secular polity and the Constitution.
    Dr Zafarul-Islam Khan

  4. Dr Zafar ul Islam.

    You cannot apologise to the Nazi EVM Fascists they will become more emboldened.

    The very fact that they find your personal opinions bitter means you are a true Patriotic Indian Muslim.
    Fight with defamation suites..
    Even Maulana Azad had to go to jail in his fight against tyrants.

    You are a freedom fighter against terrorist RSS and BJP.

  5. If Muslims in India are Patriotic then 80% Hindu Population is a Traitor to India. It makes me laugh. Since when Muslims denounced Jihad in Kashmir.

    Before December, you could see Patriotic Muslims in India carrying Pakistani Flags, Islamic Green Flags, ISI flags. It used to be an amusement or strange but an event if you saw National Flag on National Day in Muslim Schools..

    But after Yogi and Modi’s Danday..we SEE National Flags not only in Muslim Hands but printed on their rear. I laughed when I saw National Flags in Jama Masjid in Delhi.

    India has changed..Muslim got Pakistan from British Government, Congress and not from BJP. Sooner or later,Muslims will go home which their father built for them in shape of Pakistan. Even Union Minister Giriraj Singh said recently that INDIA SHOULD HAVE BEEN A MUSLIM FREE COUNTRY AFTER 1947.

    1. You RSS terrorists are destroying the social & peaceful harmony of this Country. We have been living here for decades without any problem. It all started with the fascist RSS ideology of 20th century to oppress the muslims. You know we Muslims are worshipping one God and are on the right path. It is your ego that makes you, not to follow Islamic monotheism and discard bigotry, because your hearts were sealed by God due to disbelief as you turn away from him. I request you read the Quran and understand it whole heartedly.

  6. Bhang chadhi yaa desi tharraa….
    Kabhi khoon donate kiyaa haye?
    Poor, thin , jamaati Muslim are donating in hundreds, despite being imprisoned by you bigots.
    Atleast learn some Basic Humanity from them you filthy hate-bigot, if you cannot wash their feet and your sins…

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