Shariyat courts have no legal sanctity, says SC

sharia-court_1965816cNew Delhi : The Supreme Court Monday held the Shariyat courts that dispense justice among Muslim community members have no legal sanctity and at times their order infringes the fundamental rights of the people.

The apex court bench headed by Justice C.K. Prasad said that religious courts cannot pass an order that infringes on the fundamental rights of a person or of an affected person on a plea by a third person.

The court said the Shariyat courts can only pass edicts and only when an affected person approaches it.

The court said this while disposing of a petition that sought to put a cap on Shariyat courts, saying that they were functioning as parallel to the country’s judicial system.

2 thoughts on “Shariyat courts have no legal sanctity, says SC

  1. Well done Supreme Court. India will be in chaos without you. If every religion starts ordering FATWAS, there will be riots everyday.
    India is a Secular country and must remain so.
    Jai Hind.

  2. @ TRUE INDIAN…mr.feku india will be at good hights if it doesn’t half knowledged ppl r not there…supreme court has last its supremacy very long back…it has become a legal discharge unit for passing the orders in favour of ppl n parties who pay judiciary handsomely. ..I can quote to you many instances n example….for ur kind information sharia court r not running parallel to existing laws n courts. ..its not separate court…its system where in it asks ppl who seeks sharia help that if agrrevied party has gone to the court r not ? If the party has gone to the court sharia tells to follow court not to come to sharia….if party has not gone to court then sharia law goes into grievance of the parties, draws conclusions based on Quran n hadeeth…gives its conclusion which is just a opinion not a judicial order…parties can accept that or reject ..its left to the concerned parties…here sharia law makes an attempt to solve the problem ambically. …so where is question of breaking law n courts direction ? I want to ask this to you n nut judge who passed order…u must know that FATWA is a opinion and not a judgement. ..and its on muslims…why the hell supreme court n ppl like u get itch ? Its not a order nor taking away fundamental rights. ..oh common…its height of insanity of apex court…you islamophobes doesn’t have a heart to understand truth first. ..u don’t have sense to interpret. ..all u have is half minded potential to draw the conclusion which is most of time stupid…SUPREME COURT N ITS JUDGES PLZ READ constitution of India first on which you pass ur si called shitty judgment. pure n not biased. ..

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