Sharjeel Imam assaulted, called terrorist in jail


By Muslim Mirror Staff

Sharjeel Imam has approached a court in New Delhi, saying that he was assaulted in jail and called a terrorist and an anti-national.


Imam’s counsel Advocate Ahmed Ibrahim moved an application on Monday. The application said that on June 30, around 7:30 PM, the Assistant Superintendent along with 8 to 9 convicts came to Imam’s cell in the name of carrying out search. During the said search, his books and clothes were thrown away, he was assaulted and was even called terrorist and anti national.

The application further said that Imam requested the Assistant Superintendent to prevent the said convicts from assaulting him, however he did nothing.”It appeared that the Assistant Superintendents was complicit in the illegal act,” the application said.

The assailants also tried to place to place some contraband in Sharjeel’s possession.

The application was heard by a link judge as Additional Sessions Judge Amitabh Rawat, before the same was moved, was not available. He issued a notice on the application and posted the matter for hearing on 14 July.




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