Shiv Sena asks Modi govt. to ban use of loudspeakers in mosques


By Muslim Mirror Staff

Shiv Sena has asked the Centre to take measures to stop use of loudspeakers in order to curb noise pollution.


The comments came amid a row over Shiv Sena’s Mumbai- South vibhag pramukh (division head) Pandurang Sakpal’s decision to praise Azaan and express his support to a proposed ‘Azaan’ recital competition for Muslim children in Mumbai.

The editorial slammed BJP politicians for their remarks against Shiv Sena in connection with Sakpal’s comments. It said BJP’s criticism of the Sena leader praising ‘Azaan’ was similar to describing farmers agitating (against new farm laws) on the Delhi borders as “Pakistani terrorists”.

It said most of the agitating farmers are former soldiers or those whose children are defending the country’s borders now.

“What to expect from these people who call the farmers terrorists. Trolls say the Shiv Sena has given up Hindutva, but pictures of them (BJP leaders) eating Eid delicacies are published,” the Marathi publication said.

The editorial stated, “We don’t want to politicise this because the country’s 22 crore Muslims are Indian citizens,”

It also said even though a law has been passed against cow slaughter, its sale, purchase and consumption is legal in the BJP-ruled states of Goaand North East.

“If this is not appeasement for votes, then what it is?” the editorial asked.

Defending Sena leader Sakpal, the editorial said he had only suggested to a Muslim foundation to hold an online ‘Azaan’ competitionso that people don’t crowd outside, and celebrate rituals and festivals digitally from home.


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