“Sickening to see violence against Muslims celebrated” says Indian American supermodel 

Padma Lakshmi

By Muslim Mirror

Arguing that there is no threat to Hinduism in India or anywhere else, 51 year old Indian American supermodel and author Padma Lakshmi on Wednesday said people of all faiths should be able to live peacefully in “this ancient, vast land”.


While posting a series of tweets she said there is “widespread anti-Muslim” rhetoric in the country and hoped Hindus don’t succumb to “this fear-mongering” and “propaganda,” reported NDTV.

On Delhi’s Jahangirpuri violence between two communities during a Hanuman Jayanti procession and the violence in Khargone city of Madhya Pradesh during Ram Navami celebrations earlier this month, Lakshmi said, “true spirituality” has no place for hatred.”

“Sickening to see the violence against Muslims celebrated in India. The widespread anti-Muslim rhetoric preys on fear and poisons people. This propaganda is dangerous and nefarious because when you consider someone less than it’s much easier to participate in their oppression,” she wrote.

She said that all faiths should live together peacefully.

“Fellow Hindus, don’t succumb to this fear-mongering. There is no threat to Hinduism in India or anywhere else. True spirituality doesn’t include any room for sowing hatred of any kind. People of all faiths should be able to live peacefully together in this ancient, vast land,” she tweeted.

On April 16, during the Jahangirpuri violence, that errupted after Hanuman Jayanti procession, eight police personnel and a local resident were injured. Almost a week later, a ‘Tiranga Yatra’ was taken out by Hindu and Muslim residents of the area to give a message of peace and harmony.



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