Sitting on roads in protest is a form of terrorism, claims Kerala governor Arif Khan


By Muslim Mirror Desk

New Delhi: Kerala Governor Arif Mohammad Khan on Friday, in an indirect criticism of Shaheen Bagh protesters, said people sitting on roads and disrupting normal life to force their opinion on others is a form of terrorism.

“Aggression doesn’t come in the form of violence only. It comes in many forms… If you won’t listen to me, I will disrupt normal life,” said the Kerala governor at “Bhartiya Chhatra Sansad”.

“Dissent is the essence of democracy. There is no problem with that. But five people sit outside Vigyan Bhawan and say that we shall not move from here unless this Parliament of Students adopts a resolution which we would like them to adopt. This is another form of terrorism,” Khan said in his speech.

Appreciating the abrogation of 370 in Kashmir the governor said” The article 370 has been abrogated. I don’t want to make any big claim from here. But the way things are getting normal (in Kashmir), I don’t have an iota of doubt that we will be able to finish terrorism to a large extent.” with PTI inputs


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  2. This intellectual should give his opinion about police role in JNU and AMU and police role in Jamia where private parts of female students targetted in lathicharge.

    This intellectual should give his opinion that people who will be failed in NRC will not be discriminated on ground of religion if they are muslims.

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