Situation in Assam of ‘great concern’: AIUDF MP

Badruddin Ajmal

New Delhi : All India United Democratic Front leader Badruddin Ajmal on Friday said the situation in Assam was of “great concern” and referred to the large number of people detained there “without hearing”.

“There are a number of issues, the first two are of Citizenship amendment Bill and NRC (National Register of Citizens)… a large number of people are held in detention like animal for 10-12 years without any hearing. At least their case should be heard,” Ajmal said in Lok Sabha supporting the ‘No-Confidence’ motion.


“The other issue is of Citizenship Amendment Bill. Government wants to bring 30 lakh Bangladeshi citizens here… people here have a fear that this will turn Assam into another Bengal. Please stop this calamity from happening,” he said.

He also raised the problem of mob-lynchings and joblessness in the state.

“My next issue is of mob lynching. I am ashamed to even talk about it. No arrests are being made despite assurance from the Home minister. Now people can record such acts on their mobile phone, even if few of them (lynchers) are arrested, then perhaps these (lynchings) will stop,” he said.



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