If the situation worsens Jamiat Ulama and Muslim Board will be responsible, warns Salman Nadvi

Salman Nadwi

By Khushboo Khan

New Delhi : Maulana Salman Nadvi, who has a separate stand from the Muslim Personal Law Boards on Babri Masjid issue, has sent a two-page written announcement to media  in which he has reaffirmed his stand on Babri Masjid issue opposite to  Jamiat Ulama and the All-India Muslim Personal Law Board.


‘If the situation of the country worsens Jamiat e Ulemas and Muslim Personal Boards will be responsible that’ he wrote .

He has thanked to media which gave space to his stand on Babri Masjid issue.

In his written declaration he said “My point is that there should be the brotherhood among Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists, Sikhs and Christians in the country; all the religious communities should acknowledge that all are the sons of the Lord. Hence the people should settle down their dispute inside the house, instead of appealing in the courts as it reflects the hatred between both the community and their inability to reconcile”.

Maulana Nadvi holds Britishers and now Congress party responsible for creating the bridge between both the communities.

‘After several attempts  by Hazrat Maulana Syed Abul Hassan Ali Hussaini,  to solve the dispute of Babri Masjid  the Masjid was finally demolished and the innocent Muslims faced severe bloodshed throughout the country. Now, again the conditions are serious. We have done our efforts on a reconciliation formula for five months, which will continue and to seek out the   resolution of the dispute outside the court’ he added.

Showing  his disagreement with the Muslim Board  and Jamiatul Ulama’  stand on the issue to wait for the final verdict, he said the contact between the parties involved should continue.

He further added that “I am saying that Hindu Muslim unity must be maintained, and the meetings should continue, but we are waiting for March 14th  the courts next hearing date. I am appealing to the Chief Justice of India to issue a verdict in the month of March and conduct day to day hearing of the case. Twenty five years had passed, many litigants have left the world, please let the court release your verdict as soon as possible, no matter whether the decision comes in favor of the Muslim Personal Law and Jamiat al-Ulema, I would be happy if there will be a mosque, how good it will be to fulfil the wishes of those elders, hence our united efforts will continue for peace and brotherhood to prevail.


  1. Is this the threat from moulana after getting full support from bhagwa flag and bhagwa media ?

    Moulana and their supporters do not have trust on law and order agency ?

    Moulana should refrain his comments and must concentrate on his duties.

    • Perfect bro, we are asking our right… not begging with them to give our Masjid Land…

      How could it possible if some people come and destroy your house then say it’s my House !!! Would anyone give to them ?

      Why this Moulana talking like that ? What happen to him ? we are asking our rights for where rss Terrorist forcefully demolished our Baber Masjid !!!

      Now Rss is asking to let give us a permission to build Mandir Otherwise we are going to make riots ? So Moulana Scare ? why don’t we have a dare to Fight against RSS ? we don’t scare anyone Except Allah… we will fight for our rights untill last breath 💪🏻

  2. https://muslimmirror.com/eng/bribery-complaint-former-aimplb-member/

    If the AIMPLB and Jamiat e Ulema do not sincerely put efforts for getting justice for the Muslim Indian community, they will be held responsible by the Almighty Master on the Day of Judgement.

    Remember, the RSS will keep on with its agenda of hate and divisive tactics….even if it bribes/rewards you with land, crores of money and a RS member seat.

    Atleast you could have learnt a lesson from Justice Loya ( if not from the Prophet Muhammed peace be upon him) who refused millions of rupees for sake of Truth and Justice in this great nation.

    In any constitutional Democracy, always Justice first. Satyameva Jayate.

    Give complete rightful land back to the 500 odd constitutional representatives of Muslim Indians .. the AIMPLB and Jamiatul Ulema.

    Later Muslims will definitely think of charity and love……maybe our leaders will construct a huge humanitarian Hospital for all downtrodden citizens, irrespective of religion– funded by Waqf and zakaat.

  3. Just as he is expelled from the Board,he should also be relieved of his duties at Nadwa and all other muslims bodies for his disobedience to the hadis of the prophet ” Be on the side of majority of the Ulamas e haq.


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