Slaughterhouse ban : Can TN govt. support the attitude of the North? Asks MH Jawahirullah, President MMK

M.H Jawahirullah

By Gowtham K

On the eve of Bakraeid, The Chennai High Court has issued an order prohibiting the slaughter of animals other than government slaughterhouses in urban areas as an outcome of case filed by an unidentified North Indian welfare organization based in Madurai, Tamil Nadu.


In this serious issue the Dr. MH Jawahirullah  President of Manithaneya Makkal Katchi  has shown his discontent towards the ruling government of Tamil Nadu. He said “The Government of Tamil Nadu needs to explain why the Advocate General did not appear in this case, which is of public importance, even though eight government agencies, including the Chief Secretary to the Government of Tamil Nadu and the Director General of Police, have been included as opponents in this case. Although Section 28 of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act clearly states that the provisions of the Act do not apply to religious animal sacrifices, I urge the Government of Tamil Nadu to immediately file an appeal against this judgment which has been given without regard to it. He also adds “Ms. Jayalalithaa, who was the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu during her tenure in 2001-2006, passed a law banning the slaughter of sheep and cattle in temples. The law was withdrawn amid strong opposition. The verdict in this case, which has been filed on by an unknown random North Indian Association for obstructing Muslims from sacrificing goats or oxen on the occasion of the Feast of Sacrifice (Bakraeid), is aimed at depriving not only Muslims but the entire Tamil people of their religious rights. I urge the Government of Tamil Nadu to take appropriate legal action immediately to amend this judgment which is intended to impose the beliefs of the people of Tamil Nadu”.

In his press statement he also mentions the orders reads and refers of the letter dated 18/07/20 where In the said Notification dated 18th June 2020, the Ministry has directed that Rule 3 of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Slaughter House) Rules, 2001, has stated that no slaughtering of animals can take place at any public place within the municipal area except in a duly authorized, recognized and licensed slaughter house. Rule 3 very specifically provide that animals shall not be slaughtered except in the licensed slaughter house and the categories of animals which can be sacrificed, which is quoted below for ready reference.

“3. Animals not to be slaughtered except in recognized or licensed houses which include:

(1) No person shall slaughter any animal within a municipal area except in a slaughter house recognized or licensed by the concerned authority empowered under the law for the time being in force to do so.

(2) No animal which – (i) is pregnant, or (ii) has an offspring less than three months old, or (iii)is under the age of three months or (iv) has not been certified by a veterinary doctor that it is in a fit condition to be slaughtered.

The rules related to slaughter houses and the court forgets sec 28.

Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1960


  1. Saving as respects manner of killing prescribed by religion.―Nothing contained in this Act shall render it an offence to kill any animal in a manner required by the religion of any community.

Thus by questioning the silence of Tamil Nadu government and honorable CM of the state Edappadi Palanisamy in this case MMK President has shown his comment of discontent over the  rights of minorities being snatched. This  has created grief  and anger among  the Muslim community of Tamil Nadu on the holy day of Bakraeid.


  1. I would request Manithaneya Makkal Katchi to file an RTI to check ‘The North Indian organisation’ is a register body with the government of India. If not it’s financial detail need to validated and exposed.

    The verdict of the Court is highly contradictory and against the constitutional right to follow the freedom to practice once religion.

    It is time to stand Dravidian state to stand together against this unknowns invasion of North culture of hatred which is trying to divide the people in the name of religion.

    Save Tamil Nadu becoming another Gujarat. The Court need to respect the democracy of this nation.

    Jai Hind!

  2. I expect new generation of Muslim society should support animal rights & stop this cruel & inhuman tradition of slaughtering animals during festival.


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